4 Benefits Of Writing A Book For Entrepreneurs

Benefits Of Writing

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How becoming an Author can help Grow your Business with Jyotsna Ramachandran

Jyotsna Ramachandran, the founder and CEO of Happy Self Publishing, Author Success academy shared the benefits of writing a book for entrepreneurs in an interview with Avi Arya who has also been a best-selling author of “Job Escape Plan”. She helps coaches, trainers, speakers, and experts to build a super-profitable author funnel with the help of their book. 

Jyotsna is an inspiration for everyone who thinks that writing is not for them or they need to be an expert to write a book. 

Her story started almost eight years ago when she was on a phone call. She was trying to communicate with one of her clients. She was in her living room, holding the phone, trying is best to deal with the client. But the voice coming from another room was giving her palpitations. 

She didn’t want to drop off a call with her client, but the voice from another room demanded her attention even more. And at last, she hung up the call, went to the room, picked up her baby, and calmed her daughter Advika.

While holding Advika, she sat and thought, “Jyotsna, why can’t you simply be a stay at home mom at this critical time of your and your daughters’ lives?” 

At that point in life, Jyotsna was already trying her hand at different things to start her entrepreneurial journey. But nothing gave her true freedom. While she was almost having a breakdown and tears were dripping from her eyes and thinking that she should not compromise on her family life, she realised that there is something that she doesn’t know. But other women knew it because there are so many women out there who are doing great at business and family.

How Writing A Book Changed Jyotsna’s Life?

That was the point when she found that she needed an online business in order to thrive in both family and career. And Jyotsna discovered writing and publishing.

She began writing her own books and eventually started her publishing business by releasing e-books on Amazon and within six months she earned enough from royalties that she was able to shut down all her businesses and laser-focus on publishing and her family.

But the turning point of her life was the first book she wrote herself, “Job Escape Plan” in which she shared her personal story and how she created a life that she wanted. 

That one book gave her the fame she deserved and it bagged opportunities for her to speak at events like Ted-X, Inc., Your Story, and Side Hustle Nation. 

Jyotsna has proved that starting an online business can give you the time and location freedom apart from wealth to create a life that you deserve and desire.

And in this interview with Avijit Arya, she shared how anybody, at any stage of life, doing any business can write a book to share their story and use it to excel in business.


How writing a book can help you to excel in business?

Writing a book is an excellent method to position yourself as an industry expert. You can build a brand platform for yourself, boost your market worth, distinguish yourself from competitors, and find new ways to grow your authority in your sector.

Benefits Of Writing A Book


How Do I Start Writing My Own Book?

The good news is that anyone may write a book; no special skills or expertise are required. However, producing and publishing a book entails more than simply turning on your computer. To make your book—and, by extension, your career—a success, you must plan and research. The following are eight steps to a successful writing and publishing process:

1. Write About Something That You Know. 

Consider the subjects about which you are most knowledgeable and enthusiastic. They will motivate you and make the writing process more pleasurable and gratifying. Your experiences, insights, triumphs, genuineness, and—yes—failures, as an expert in your industry, will set your message apart from the rest in terms of conveying authority and impact.

You don’t need to be a maestro in that subject, you just need to be knowledgeable. Now, you might be wondering how do I start writing my own book or how do I start writing a book about my own life, but the real fact is that you can write a book even if you are an amateur and in a learning state. Amateurs understand the mindset of beginners better than an expert. 

Thus writing a book at that stage will gain traction from people who are at the same stage as you.

2. Write for your target market. 

It’s critical to know what your target audience wants and needs. Because the majority of today’s readers are on the go, they choose the information that goes right to the point, addresses real-world problems, and assists them in learning new things rapidly. Maintain a narrow focus on your topics, and format your book to appeal to your intended audience.

As you are writing to improve your business, it is crucial that your book must resonate with your target audience. Your book should solve their problems. 

3. Make a name for yourself and your ideas. 

Consider constructing a brand platform around the book, with you as the authority, that drives home your message while also allowing you to expand on it in the future. A great title, for example, might help you not just sell books but also potentially inspire a whole movement (e.g., “The 4-Hour Workweek”). “The Magic & Moxie of Apple: An Insider’s View” are just a few of the titles that not only created brands for writers but also revolutionized the way people do business.


4. Decide About How You Are Going To Complete Your Manuscript

Many people believe that they have to block a huge time on their calendar to write their book, which is true if you want to write it all by yourself. However, in the world of the internet you can get your book written by a ghostwriter or an angel writer.

A ghostwriter is someone who writes a book for you at their own pace and style. If you want to test out some ideas for the book and you want to do it quickly, then ghostwriters can be a great help. However, if you want that your book should reflect your personality then hiring an angel writer is a great choice. An angel writer is someone who interviews you and records that interview and then writes from your perspective.

5. Make a lasting impression with your presentation. 

Not surprisingly, a book’s title and back cover are frequently the two most influential factors to consider before exposing your work to the public. They pique the interest of potential readers and entice them to learn more.

When I was developing the books, I kept this in mind, so the names and subtitles are both catchy. The cover of “Job Escape Plan” was also meticulously planned— The woman trying to escape. It helped us to gain the attraction of the audience that we wanted. 

6. Make a decision about your publishing strategy. 

Traditional commercial publication may entail several enquiries and months of waiting, but it is still seen as more trustworthy by some. Given the advertising demands placed on writers once a book is launched, more authors are turning to distributors like Happy Self Publishing to self-publish.

While getting published in a famous publication gives your work some point of credibility, self-publishing gives you complete rights and royalties of your work and more freedom. It is completely up to you how you want to proceed with your author journey.

7. Collaborate with the finest. 

Working with a well-rounded team to attain the greatest outcomes demands a lot of talent and courage when it comes to writing and advertising a book. Distributors and promoters can help you establish and reach the ideal audience, while angel writers and editors can guarantee that your message and voice are polished and solid.

8. Keep Promoting.

Promoting your work and promoting your message is critical to your literary success as well as your future chances. You’ll find many new methods to grow your authority and reach if you put as much effort into marketing and promoting your book as you did in creating and publishing it. Be aware that whether the author distributes the book herself or works with a commercial publisher, the author is always responsible for its promotion.



how do i start writing my own book


We hope that this article will help you to realise that you can write at any stage of your journey regardless of your age, experience, and expertise.

If you have made your mind to write a book, do share your idea with us in the comments. 

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