Find Out How IMOTWS Helped A Hotelier To Re-evaluate His Life and Career

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Hi, this is Shubham Sanghal, born and brought up in Mussoorie – a small hill station in Uttarakhand. I am MBA by profession, Hotelier by profession. I am passionate about travelling and I love hosting people. 

After completing my MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management in 2015, I got back home to resume the responsibility of managing my Family Hotel Business. My father has been managing Shiva Continental, Mussoorie ever since its inception (1989). 

It was a tough job to take over the family business ahead as I came from a management background and thought that things were easy to execute in business. But as it is said until you try it you will not get to know how things happen. I was lucky enough to get full support from my Dad in Business and I took the hotel marketing from offline channels to online channels. Over 6 years I managed to double the sales of the hotel and renovated the property. 

I was happy with my job as a hotelier until Covid happened in March 2020. The tourism business was the first to suffer. I’d never seen Mussoorie so dead and drab in my life. It was difficult to be at home and not know what would happen next. I was in charge of over 30 staff that reported to me.

I’ve always been an ambitious person who strives for more. I’m glad Covid happened since it gave me the opportunity to reevaluate my life and career. I was perusing through my Instagram account one day when I noticed Avi sir talking about digital entrepreneurs. I applied for the webinar on the spur of the moment. After viewing the webinar, my mind was blown, and I began to consider how I could pivot my business. The IMOTWS of the world has fundamentally altered my approach to managing and conducting my firm.

I and my wife (Shirin – A digital Marketing Expert) joined the course together and started our journey to becoming digital entrepreneurs.IMOTWS has given us tools and knowledge to tackle the challenges we were facing in Business.

As business owners, we faced the challenge of not knowing where to position our services. Avi Sir and his team have been instrumental in helping entrepreneurs like us take our businesses to the next level.

Each week we are learning something new and are excited to implement the learnings in our business. The community is very active and helpful. If you have a problem just post it to the group, someone or the other will come to your rescue.

I am glad that I took the step to join this community of entrepreneurs and lifelong learners. Life has become easier with Avi sir as a mentor and the community as a guiding force. I am sure that I will be able to achieve the goals I have set for myself.

I have started to value connections. I am looking forward to socializing and meeting more people with an open mind. I have started to thank God daily for the life we have got. I have started to use Google Calendar more effectively in my daily life for setting tasks and blocking time for various activities. Have started to think of focusing more on my micro-niche. We have created a customer avatar for our micro-niche and are targeting those guests who are looking to stay for a minimum of 7 nights. We were earlier neglected our food sales. We are planning to relaunch our restaurant with a new menu and brand name which has a story.

here are some more epic stories from our community:

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