How an engineering failure is now helping house wives and students to earn online?

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As an engineering failure who eventually became a digital entrepreneur, I am Atul Audute, a son to two beautiful souls, brother to two lovely sisters, father of one dog, two cocktail birds, and one parakeet. I am currently helping students, housewives, and working professionals earn online.

I’m writing this story to tell you how this Internet Moguls of the world school (IMOTWS) Community is helping me to accomplish all I want.

About 7-8 months back, I had started an online business of affiliate marketing and for a few months, I didn’t get any leads or conversions. And one day, out of frustration, I started praying, as anyone would under stress and no earnings.

On Facebook, I stumbled upon an ad for Avi Arya’s workshop on “Getting leads and sales without spending a dime on ads”. I enrolled and found it incredibly useful that I started implementing it right away.

In IMOTWS, I was able to learn the deep concepts with a clear understanding of how social media advertising works, how we can get leads through social media, how we can establish a brand identity, how we can be successful influencers and do affiliate marketing, and so on. The tasks I did there helped me explore various mediums and patterns of advertising. I did content advertising, video advertising, and identified my own niche. And the community is so helpful in fueling my dreams. I am getting essential support and motivation from them and with them, I am hoping to achieve what I dreamt of, by the end of the year.

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