Best Ways To Put a Business On Autopilot With Google Automation

Putting A Business On Autopilot With Google Automation

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Automated processes and technologies that allow goods and services to be produced and supplied with little or no human contact are referred to as automation. Because of the application of automation technologies, processes, and procedures, many tasks that were previously performed by individuals are now more efficient, dependable, and/or rapid.

Manufacturing, transportation, utilities, defense, facilities, businesses, and, more recently, information technology are all using automation. 

Using automation in your business, you can focus on lead generation, sales, operations, team management,.and many more that will pave you ways to put a business on autopilot. Ladies and gentlemen, we want you to understand that automation can happen in any area.

Best Ways To Put Your Business On Autopilot With Google Automation

Whenever a consumer reaches out to you through Facebook or Instagram, we make a note of them in a diary or an excel file. But what if we say, you can capture all the data in an excel sheet and send your clients automated reminders.

If you are not tracking the data of your clients, payments, or leads carefully, your business will not thrive. And the platform using which you can bring your entire business to the cloud for free is Google Workspace, also known as Gmail.

Best Ways To Put Your Business On Autopilot With Google Automation

Here I’ll be discussing many aspects of it starting from the significance of automation. Let’s have a quick look at what you will get to know from this article:

  1. Why Google Workspace?
  2. Automation Process
  3. G-Suite Applications
  4. Four Pillars Of Business Growth & Automation
  5. Conclusion

Why Google Workspace?

This growth in popularity will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Google Workspace, which includes those who work for schools, governments, and global organizations such as PwC, Salesforce, Uber, BuzzFeed, and HubSpot. The list of reasons to use Google Workspace is enormous, whether you’re a small start-up or a multinational organization with multiple offices.

With Google Workspace, you get all of the functionality, reliability, and familiarity of Gmail, but it’s branded with your company’s domain name. Employees will be able to switch between their personal and corporate accounts with the same ease they’ve come to expect from consumer Gmail. It’s a premium enterprise-grade email that employers can administer and secure without having to maintain an email server, and they can add and delete users with ease as the business expands.

Each user has their own Drive account, which they can use to keep notes, drafts, and other things that other teammates do not need access to. Each team can also have its own Team Drive, where members can exchange documents and resources that the rest of the team needs.

Google Docs and Google Sheets, on the other hand, speak for themselves and are products we use on a daily basis. Google Docs can also be imported into WordPress. These allow you to create and edit text and spreadsheet documents directly in your browser. 

You can also import your documents, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF files, to make them instantly editable. In addition to Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, and photos, Google Drive lets you collaborate and comment on them.

With all these flexibilities, you can boost your productivity 10 times more than others who are not using Google Workspace. And most importantly you can automate your entire business using only one platform.

Best Ways To Put Your Business On Autopilot With Google Automation

If you just get a Gmail ID, all the products like forms, sheets, and other Google applications become free for you. You can make any kind of form like a lead generation form, request a callback form, feedback form, and so on. 

Don’t you know where do you get all these applications? When you open your Gmail, you get all the applications at the top right. Look at the screenshot below.

Best Ways To Put Your Business On Autopilot With Google Automation

Now wondering how to use these in business and find ways to put a business on autopilot? Well, let’s talk about it.

The Automation Process

There are a few steps to automate any process. Suppose you are conducting a free masterclass or a webinar; you must have a process of, say, lead generation, or webinar management, lead follow-ups, sales, etc. How do you automate these processes? There are certain methods.

The steps are :

Best Ways To Put Your Business On Autopilot With Google Automation

  • Data Capture: You can capture all the data of your customers automatically. For example, if you attach a Google Form to your landing page and leads fill up that form, all those data will be captured in your Google Sheets.
  • Data Management: Let me give you an example of it. Do you know how many contacts are there on your phone? Do you know that you can capture all your contacts? 

All these are possible. You need to go to Google Contacts and you can download all contacts into CSV. Next, you can upload that into Google Sheets, and thus you can manage these data as well. You can manage your new customer data as well.

  • Approvals: If you have a team of 10 or 15 people, and you have to make an approval process, you can also do that. You will have a notification whenever any team member asks you to approve something, say, a leave approval.

Just like that, you can make the approval process for your customers as well. You can get discount approval, or purchase approval notifications, and take action accordingly.

  • Notifications / Reminders: This is also a major part of the automation process. Many times you need to notify a customer of pending payments. Or, you may need to send reminders to any of your employees about a certain project.

Thankfully, you do not need to take care of all these things manually anymore. Just automate the process and the system will do it all for you.

  • Data Visualization: This is also known as business reporting. You can analyze and see the results in a particular dashboard. A dashboard where all the stats are shown. 

Imagine it just like a bike. When we drive a bike, we have a dashboard that shows how much fuel is left, what is the speed of the vehicle, etc. That’s it. In your business as well you can visualize the data and make a proper analysis of your growth.

Now, let’s see how we can automate our business by finding ways to put a business on autopilot with the help of the 4 steps mentioned below.

G-Suite Applications

Google provides many useful applications which can make huge impacts on your business while used correctly. Most important, powerful, and beneficial among these are:

Best Ways To Put Your Business On Autopilot With Google Automation

Using Google form can have multiple benefits, the first being easy data capturing. As you have already known that data capturing is very crucial, you must use Google forms because it serves the purpose best. 

You can capture any kind of data of your customer. You just need to send the form to the prospect and that’s it. As soon as he fills the form, you get the data in hand. 

Apart from that Google also offers tons of add-ons that take the capability of Google form to next level. You can browse through Google Workspace Marketplace, where you’ll find free and paid add-ons that will boost the capability of Google Forms.

Best Ways To Put Your Business On Autopilot With Google Automation

Google Forms add-ons

Because of its outstanding collaboration capabilities, Google Sheets stands out from Excel or any other software. If numerous people work on the same spreadsheet at the same time, there will be no lag or confusion. You can even access the spreadsheet from your account from many devices at the same time.

Best Ways To Put Your Business On Autopilot With Google Automation

There are thousands of aspects of Google Sheet. It is not possible to make you learn all about that in one article. This is just an overview. If you do not already know that, the best way is to take the help of Youtube.

Best Ways To Put Your Business On Autopilot With Google Automation

Email marketing is as powerful as any other form of marketing. You can send 1500 emails on daily basis directly using Gmail. You will not need any email marketing software. 

Best Ways To Put Your Business On Autopilot With Google Automation

Up to a limit, Google Sites is free to use. You won’t be charged for extra features or support as you would with other site builders, but there will be a charge after you reach a certain storage limit. You’ll also have to pay for your domain if you don’t want to use the one Google Sites provides.

Best Ways To Put Your Business On Autopilot With Google Automation

Four Pillars Of Business Growth & Automation

Every business can be broken down into four pillars:

1. Marketing

2. Sales

3. Operations & Support

4. Team Management

Best Ways To Put Your Business On Autopilot With Google Automation

Each of these pillars can be put on autopilot using Google automation. Generally, beginners fail to put enough focus on their backend rather than improving their frontend. They keep growing their sales, and when they get a lot of clients, they become overwhelmed failing to provide quality services eventually. This leads to poor feedback and ultimately demotivates the business owner.

From making directories to records of leads, everything can be done using these tools. And most interestingly the process can be run on autopilot as well. 

For example, suppose you meet a lot of people and receive lots of visiting cards. You need not store all the cards. Rather you can make a networking form and store the data directly on the cloud. 

Best Ways To Put Your Business On Autopilot With Google Automation

Just like that, you can make other systems using these products to ease your efforts. Here are some ideas that can be used to 10x your leads.

Best Ways To Put Your Business On Autopilot With Google Automation



When you put your business on autopilot, it can grow without you, the owner, having to show up to work every day. Google automation is the easiest way to adopt even if you are not a tech person. 

Major Google products such as Google Sheets, Google Forms, Gmail, Google sites help a lot in his process. Once you successfully automate your business, you can realize the increased pace and smoothness of your business.

Automation technology, when implemented wisely and properly, can provide significant future potential. There is a possibility to free humans from all sorts of repetitious, harmful, and unpleasant labor. Future automation technologies have the potential to provide a rising social and economic environment where humans can enjoy a greater standard of living and a better way of life.

Kindly drop your valuable comments in the comment section and let us know how this piece of content has helped you find ways to put a business on autopilot using google automation.

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