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Topics: Social Media & Family First Entreprenuership

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I speak to inspire your audience


Learn to become a Digital First Leader

Helping leaders speak to inspire sell and grow the companies


7 Social media video
Secrets for corporations

Drive every day leads and sales without dependence on outside channels


Digital marketing masterclass for hoteliers

Helping hotels to increase Direct Business by 30% in 3 months


The Family First Fearless Entrepreneur Talk

For entrepreneurs to make sense of the new changing work and how to use social media videos to navigate this world to sell more and work from anywhere

Hear what industry leaders have to say

Dev Gadvi

Sid Rajsekar


Gaurav Bhagat

Sukriti Talwar


Learn to become a Digital First Leader

Create an army of managers who work to grow Reach & Sales without investments or travel

The post pandemic world requires leaders to lead digitally from the front , as leaders managers owners of projects you need to lead by videos.

The Company of today attracts

This talk / workshop series converts leaders into digital first leaders that use online videos to get their company to that much higher level of opportunities and possibilities that exist only with social media.


7 Social media video secrets for corporations

This talk is for Corporations and their management to GET KNOWN, GET LEADS, GET SALES using the power
of micro videos.

You also get a Micro Video Mastery Crash Course along with this program which the recorded version of the training to get delivered

This training helps SMEs and corporations to develop a system that allows them to

This system was made after 13 years of running a successful digital marketing agency and having to work with all top tier hospitality brands


The Family First Fearless Entrepreneur Talk

The Fearless Entrepreneurs talk is for entrepreneurs to make sense of the new changing work and how to use social media videos to navigate this world to sell more and work from anywhere

This talk comes from Avi Arya's book - "The Fearless Family First Entrepreneurs" helps new and seasoned Entrepreneurs train themselves, co-founders and teams to develop a system that allows them to

More than 100+ keynotes & workshops

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Listener’s Takeaway

How did he bootstrapped to a 225-person company in 10 years from zero to profitability and become a personal brand at the same time

How to involve your kids in the company’s vision and dreams by narrating & launching a book with them

How to interview the world’s TOP experts without any proper connections.

How to get known, get Leads, and Get Sales through the Power of Micro Videos

How to run a remote organization with videos and spend time with family and kids.

How does he manage to spend time with my family in Vancouver by traveling back & forth from India to other parts of the world due to business?

For each topic you can choose from 3 options


(Avi is brought in to OPEN for or CLOSE for conferences to set the tone for and establish a mindset that makes your talk or conferences as an UNFORGETTABLE one)


A deep dive with small or many small groups to help them become practitioners on the subjects of


Avi has taken people from being total newbies to champions that have a blueprint and know exact steps to implement them in their organizations from the day after the workshop + continued support on Avi Arya’s Facebook groups by his coaches and avi himself

My dad always says that the shortest distance between 2 human hearts is always a story and this is my story!


I’m Avi Arya, father of 2 beautiful girls, 6 dogs, husband of a Superwoman, a Streetcar racer, turned Hotelier, now a social media marketer and the founder of the Internet Moguls


Internet Moguls is a multi award winning Digital Marketing & Training company, bootstrapped with 13 years of work grew from 4 to 100 + Moguls creating over $100 million in revenue for our clients.


When I was 18 years old, born and brought up in New Delhi, India all I wanted to do was to race Street Cars, my dad used to go to bed and from under his Pillow, I used to take out his Car keys, raced with people, make some Money on the side and as an 18 year old, I declared myself as a business person.


I wanted to go to the UK to pursue my street car racing passion professionally but one day everything changed when I got a call from my dad saying that he lost a lot of money in his hotel business so he had to sell the House and Cars so there was no way he could send me overseas. So, he asked me to join his family business from the very next day or find my own route. So, without any other option, I decided to join my dad’s hotel business & started learning.


One day an International tourist came and paid us double Indian rupees and I was thinking to myself, what if I’m able to cover 27 rooms of a hotel with International tourists. I would double the income, the revenue and become a star in my dad’s eyes. I got my very 1st client on 15th December, 2003


Our upcoming book

Have a little sneak peak at our upcoming book, Family First Entrepreneurship.

Our recently launched book!

The Internet Moguls Of The World​

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