Become a Master of Landing High-paying Clients & Retaining Them

Learn From Avi Arya, Founder Of Internet Moguls- An award winning digital marketing agency that has generated over $100 MILLION for its client.

JULY 29 - 8:30 pm to 10pm

JULY 30 & 31 at 10.00 AM to 2.00 PM.

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Just look at the kind of results my students have been getting

Priya Gandhi
Priya Gandhi
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With Mr. Avi Arya’s guidance, I launched my business on all digital platforms successfully.
Aditya Mundra
Aditya Mundra
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I would say it was one of the best decisions to join the IMOTWS community. The way Avi is personally involved in solving the problems of each member is amazing.
Aastha Tatia
Aastha Tatia
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I was in two minds before joining the Internet Moguls of the World community. Today I feel it was the best decision I made.
Shyantani Chowdhary
Shyantani Chowdhary
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IMOTWS is not only a school but a place that will transform your life 360 degrees.
Mohit Jain
Mohit Jain
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I received something more that's invaluable Avi's companionship in taking you through the roller coaster journey towards success and his community it's priceless.
Nirupama Vyas
Nirupama Vyas
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Life is all about making the right choices!! I m so glad that I took the right choice being a part of this community which has the structured discipline and growth-oriented people!!


I give you a 100% guarantee that you’ll love this 3-DAY workshop or I’ll return your money back and let you keep all the bonus anyway (No questions asked 100% money-back guarantee)

Just email me your receipt, and I’ll give you back your money with no questions.

Sound fair?


I give you a 100% money-back guarantee, if you don’t like the workshop.

Just email me your receipt, and I’ll give you back your money with no questions.

Sound fair?

Still wondering if this workshop is for you?

First time ever, Avi Arya Founder of Internet Moguls is about to disclose

CYC Framework

The Foolproof’ Formula For Landing High-paying Clients And Increasing Revenue Even If You Don’t Have Testimonials


You’ll Learn to


Identifying High-paying Clients


How To Research About Them?


How Build Authority?


How To Reach & Close Them?


Get & Keep Clients.


Hire the Right People.


Customer Relationship.

What Is CYC Framework?

Most service providers like to think of themselves as Trusted Advisors/ Strategic Partners. However, only 5% achieve that status in the eyes of their clients. Pitching your capabilities gets you invited. Positioning those capabilities effectively against competition gets you to the “short list” of preferred providers, but that still is not enough.

From the shortlist, everybody is qualified. Now clients ask, “Who is going to take better care of me?” They are hoping to work with someone they know and trust, someone who knows their industry, their market, their company, their situation, their project, their preferences, and their process better. In other words, instead of wanting to know more about you, they want you to know more about them.

I will teach you exactly how to do that. With this one purpose in mind, I created CYC Framework: to make it easy for anyone to land high-paying clients. See you inside!

This Is Not For Everyone.
Here’s who we CAN help

Why You Should Get CYC Framework?

Because we got a pill to all your pains.

Pain #1: How Do I Charge More When I don’t Have Any Testimonial?   

I will walk through my own personal story and show you exactly how did I land high-paying clients for my digital marketing agency even when I hadn’t started it. I reveal everything I’m doing for my agency so you can model it.

Pain #2: How Do I Know If The Prospect Is Capable Of Paying What I Demand?  

I know how it feels when you spend energy over a prospect, and you end up discovering that they don’t afford your services. I’m going to show you the exact client research roadmap that we use at my agency to know clients in and out even before pitching them.

Pain #3: I Don’t Know How Many People I Have to Reach To Get High-Paying Clients?  

I have a specific module covering the exact formula that tells you how many people you have to reach and how many of them you have to convert to generate your desired revenue. You can copy-paste this formula directly into your business.

Pain #4: How Do I Start Getting High-paying Clients?   

I will walk you through actual case studies of how I landed my clients using the MVM method. I leave nothing on the table and show you everything you need to know to do this yourself.

Pain #5: I’m Not Good At Closing Sales 

I will share my own “NON-NEGOTIABLE OFFER ” guide so that the offer itself eliminates the majority of client doubts to make closing easy for you. One of the biggest issues with closing clients is getting them to move forward with saying “yes” and getting that first invoice paid. 

Pain #6: Ok, Now I Have Clients, How Do I Do The Work?   

I walk you through a step-by-step task list I use for my clients monthly. You can copy this exact list and modify it as needed for your own clients. The task list has 6+ months of specific tasks you can do yourself or outsource with a virtual team. 

Pain #7: I’ve Already Invested In Other Marketing Courses, How Is This Different?

I spent thousands on various marketing courses, I started taking action on as much as possible but quickly found there were many ‘gaps’ in areas a lot of these other courses didn’t cover. That’s exactly why I built this course based on my own experiences of trial and error.



Learn 5-Minute Lead Generation System

By joining this Bootcamp, you will get a chance to learn Avi Arya’s exclusive 5-Minute lead generation system.


Get Your Dobts Solved by Avi Arya

I will personally answer your questions in the webinar.


The Internet Moguls Community

All participants will have access to a premium community moderated by Avi Arya himself. 



This is an Intensive, Interactive, Laser-focused Workshop


Learn From Serial Entrepreneur Avi Arya

Learn how to do business from Avi Arya himself who has built & scaled 4 businesses both offline and online.


Avoid Costly Mistakes

I will tell you 100’s of things that I will not do now if I have to start my business alone again.


Focus On What Matters

What matters is how much you know your customer. Learn techniques to find out deepest desires of your client.


Grow Together With Peers

Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be lonely. I will guide you to grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you trust us?

Avi Arya is know as “POSTER BOY OF DIGITAL MARKETING” in India. He has built $100 Million of revenue for his clients and $27 Million for himself through digital marketing.

He is not an ordinary course creator, he is true entrepreneur who have built millions using digital marketing.

Will you benefit from this?

The content of the Workshop is designed and divided based on whatever stage of career you are in. We have advice for everyone who is just starting out as well as has a well established digital marketing agency.

As people who have gone through all stages, WE KNOW what you NEED the most.

Will you be able to implement everything?

Yes! Everything shared in the workshop is 110% easy to implement.

Is it Worth ₹499?

Actually this workshop is PRICELESS but as we want everyone to build and scale their own business, we are keeping a price point to make an ENTRY BARRIER so that only serious people come in

What can you expect after the Workshop?

After attending this workshop, you will get a step-by-step roadmap if to land high-paying clients.

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Half of the money you spend on marketing is wasted, and you don’t know which half.

From today onwards, this will not happen & you will get the exact framework to build and implement a successful marketing plan to get positive ROI on every rupee spend on Marketing.

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