Create A Big Picture Vision Of Whatever One Wants To Do In Life: 6 Tips

create a big picture vision

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When it comes to internet business, we cover a lot of ground, but coaching or advising is perhaps one area where we might do more. While many marketing experts and Facebook ad experts have shared their insights to create a big picture vision of whatever one wants in life, in comparison, we didn’t get to hear a lot from renowned coaches. 

That’s where Melissa Dawn comes into the picture. The founder of CEO of Your Life, Melissa, is an author, life coach, and speaker and has shared with us many valuable insights that will help you face the obstacles in your business. 

create a big picture vision

Melissa is a well-known speaker, author, and coach. The International Coaches Federation says that she is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, a Professional Certified Coach, a Certified Team Performance Coach, and a Conscious Business Coach.

She is a regular guest on the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and Entrepreneur, among other popular podcasts, radio, and TV shows.

She is also the writer of the blockbuster book I Attract What I Am. She, on the other hand, is also declared as one of Hubspot’s Best Coaching Services for 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Her life and work are now dedicated to helping others. She helps people and organisations enhance positivity, creativity, and productivity by teaching them to confidently and courageously bring their unique assets forward. 

To have the guts to look inward and remove their masks. to awaken their inner leader and use it in everything they do. That’s how she set out on a journey to make people, communities, businesses, and the globe a better place.

That was pretty much about her.

However, now, without any further ado, let us dive into the topics that you’re eager to know about.

How To Market Yourself As A Life Coach To Create A Big Picture Vision

create a big picture vision

As a life coach, one of your most valuable assets is your professional abilities. Being a specialist in your industry isn’t enough to start and run a life coaching business. If you are unable to continuously bring in new clients, your business may not reach the levels you seek.

Maybe you are struggling to get your first client. Or, despite having some existing clients, you’re having trouble attracting new ones. No matter what the case is, you can do the following things to level up your marketing game and bring in new clients:

Organic Marketing

Organic marketing refers to any operations that are aimed at drawing clients to you over time without having to pay for links or specialised content. Inbound marketing methods work by slowly building a group of loyal fans and allowing your target audience to interact with you in a natural way.

Paid Marketing

Paid techniques, on the other hand, focus on distributing content to new target groups in order to elicit a certain action, such as a sale. Paid techniques can be beneficial when used in conjunction with natural strategies. Your bought ads, on the other hand, won’t work if you haven’t put in any work to promote your business naturally.

Free Coaching

People don’t often grasp what life coaching includes, so it’s normal that they’d want to give it a shot before making any commitment. Hence, you can offer a free trial session or discovery session as part of your marketing strategy. 


create a big picture vision

Many networking organisations that used to gather face-to-face switched to meeting online after COVID. You can attend those networking events. If you wish to gain clients through networking events, you should focus on three things.

First, decide how you’ll introduce yourself and whether you’ll invite folks to a free coaching session at the conclusion. Second, by being curious about what other members of the group do, they build meaningful connections with them. 

Finally, make sure you have a system in place for following up with people you meet who could be interested in collaborating with you.

Making Appealing Programs

You should devise a strategy that appeals to your target market. It should have a clear goal and a rough schedule based on your previous clients’ experiences with you. Clarity is essential. Your customers should be informed about the programs they will be attending.

How to build self-confidence?

create a big picture vision

As coaches, we spend a great amount of time boosting our confidence. We do this because exceptional performances are built on confidence. 

According to the norm of flourishing advocated by applied positive psychology, self-confidence is often seen as a personality feature of a happy individual. Self-confidence simply means that you like and trust yourself.

As a life coach, it’s vital to believe in yourself and your abilities. It is also beneficial to know how to assist your coaching clients in developing confidence. 

Here are some ways to improve it (both for the coach and the coachee: 

Improve Perception:

Low self-confidence is a perspective issue rather than a true issue. Invite the coach to investigate the source of this perception. Environments shape perceptions, such as a terrible childhood home, a move that isolates someone for the first time from family and friends, or a shift in life that impairs emotional stability.

Stay Optimistic:

With intention, you can elicit sentiments of optimism and contentment. Developing optimism begins with merely being aware of when you are slipping into a more pessimistic mindset. A reframe is a simple coaching intervention that works well when you or your client is caught in a gloomy mindset.


Self-efficacy is the belief that you already have or can learn the skills needed to achieve a task. It’s designed and maintained based on our real-world experiences, not on what we think.

These are a few ways that can help you build more confidence. Moreover, I feel confidence also comes from experience. When you are starting a new venture, you naturally feel a lack of confidence. But as you continue doing it, you grow, evolve, and ultimately become more confident in yourself.

How Important Is a Coach for Entrepreneurs?

create a big picture vision

How important is it? I can’t emphasize enough on it within the demarcation of some words. In business, you need one person who will stand by your side and guide you whenever you are going wrong. 

True, not everyone can afford to hire a business coach when they first start out; however, there are numerous free internet resources available, including the nation’s largest community of volunteer small-business mentors.

The benefits of having a coach are:

  • A good business coach may assist you in clarifying your commercial and personal goals and visions. I’ve worked with a number of coaches over the years, and each has had a significant positive impact on my business and personal life.
  • A coach can assist you in focusing on the critical tasks and processes that will lead you to your goals.
  • A coach can help you figure out the best path and pace for your career and personal life. This can help you break out of the mindset that you have to work 24/7.
  • In addition to serving as a mentor and cheerleader, a good business coach also serves as a warden. He or she knows how to avoid common traps and is there for you when you’re overwhelmed and lost in the weeds of running a business.

What If Your Clients Are Not Taking Action?

create a big picture vision

We’ve all worked with a client who says they want to reach a goal but keeps putting off and not doing their work for different reasons.

For those that take action, obtaining results is easier. Whether or not they act is determined by which quadrant they fit into.

  • The first quadrant is filled with the worst clients who never accomplish anything. They will waste your time and leave you with nothing in return.
  • The clients in the second quadrant are those who need to be prodded into action. You must accompany them through the steps. They can accomplish what is required of them through partnership.
  • The person in the third quadrant is the one that simply needs a little prodding to get started. If they realise what they’re up against, they’ll have no trouble following the steps you’ll provide them with.
  • The realm of the best set of clients is the fourth quadrant. They understand their individual problems and are prepared to take the means necessary to achieve success.

Determine the type of client they are and how to assist them from the minute they contact you for a solution.

Choosing A Microniche: Is It Worth Doing?

create a big picture vision

A micro-niche is an extremely specific business offering. Sub-niches are the term for these laser-focused products or services. Micro niches are subsets of niches that have already been separated from a bigger market.

When you have a large niche, you must communicate a wide range of information. And, because you won’t be able to build everything at once, this can be quite difficult.

It’s also possible that you won’t always deliver high-quality content. After all, knowing all there is to learn about such a broad topic is rare.

We’re always better at one aspect of a subject than another. So, having a micro-niche you can just focus on one part of your niche.

It will be easier to produce high-quality, more useful content in less time this way. A person looking for micro-niches already has a clear idea of what he wants. He simply hasn’t yet discovered the right product or service.

As a consequence, your sales and marketing strategy will work. After all, the likelihood of that purchase being made increases, resulting in profits.

People who are looking for something specific are usually more engaged in their searches. They are eager to learn more about the subject you are discussing. As a result, having a good email marketing plan will result in higher open and click-through rates as well.

Getting Over Procrastination

create a big picture vision

Procrastination is a common trap that many people fall into. It’s a known fact that many people massively procrastinate, while many others do it at least to some degree. While knowing they are not alone can be comforting for some people, realising how much it can hold them back can be sobering.

As a coach, you will face many of your clients who heavily procrastinate things. And, as the coach, you’re meant to provide them with the road to progress.

But, how would you accomplish that? Procrastination, like other bad habits, is one that can be eradicated. Here are some tips that can help you help them:

  • Eliminating procrastination requires focus. We frequently overburden ourselves with tasks and become overwhelmed. Begin by resolving to complete one task you’ve been pushing off for the next week.
  • We must take immediate action once you’ve limited it down to one task. Today, We must push our limitations if the activity appears intimidating or we do not seem to have enough time to do it.
  • According to a study, the more forgiveness we have for past procrastination, the more likely we are to overcome current procrastination and take action. When you reflect on your past procrastination, be compassionate with yourself.
  • Another technique to push ourselves to finish a task is to provide a reward for ourselves after it is accomplished. It’s a fun process, but also effective at the same time.


Whether you are a life coach, a business coach, or a business owner, it’s essential to market yourself and establish your personal brand. You need to find confidence in yourself while helping clients to find theirs. 

If you are running coaching and consulting business, which I think every experienced business owner or subject matter expert should do, you will face some of the obvious issues that are discussed above. 

Melissa has been a coach for years and has trained many people. Whatever she shared was a direct reflection of her prolonged experience. It can not only inspire others but also show them how to succeed in life.

You can also join our Internet Moguls Of The World School, where we help you to set yourself up for success, learn the key digital business concepts to thrive, and build an online business so that you can have more time for your family, more peace, and more financial freedom.

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