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I am Devendra Chonch, who is an ex-banker with 30 years of experience in banking and financial services. I am currently running a management consulting firm and also in charge of business development and strategic initiatives for children’s play equipment, open gyms, and water park establishments.

To make a difference in society, I have been working in sectors where I can bring an impact on the lives of the public on a large scale. I started my career in the Banking Sector, where I contributed to areas involving maximum public money. My efforts led to the opening of ATMs at the country’s largest retail bank branch and the opening of the savings accounts of police servicemen.

My passion for social benefits led to installing Open Gyms (green gyms) and playground equipment at various parks and schools in Delhi NCR to spread the vision of a “Healthy India, A Fit India.”.

Being many years as a banker, certain skills helped me along the way in my professional journey. I honed my analytical, interpersonal, and business development skills. I excelled at numbers and relationship management. I built good relationships with leaders in the sector and with bureaucrats.

After the Pandemic, the public has realized that “Health is Wealth” and has started focusing on health at all ages/ stages of life. Especially, with modernization taking a toll on people.

Today, being an entrepreneur means you must have a strong understanding of digital, technical, and IT skills. People from my generation often lack those skills, so I’ve had to quickly learn and get up onto a steep learning curve. Everyone uses YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. today to remain competitive in today’s business climate. That’s where my journey at IMOTWS began.

Having learned about generating blogs and Facebook ads, as well as Cost-Per-Click – which is the currency of today, and social media is the language of today, I have begun my marketing in my desired medium and generated more leads for my business.

IMOTWS taught me various techniques and lessons that helped me scale my online business and I met some wonderful people and potential talent there. Now that I have gained experience and knowledge of digital marketing, I can confidently say that I am no stranger to it. Thank you, Avi sir, for being an amazing mentor and for creating a community where we can grind together.

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