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A program that gives you the tools, support, and guidance to start & grow your online business by finding your product-market fit with you.

Join 542+ individuals who are becoming world-class entrepreneurs!!
We will tell you everything that no MBA program can teach you.

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If you falls in any of the above categories, then you’re invited to join The Digital Entrepreneurship Blueprint. If you don’t believe me, just look at the kind of results my students have been getting:


4.8/5 ⭐ Rating On Google

The Curriculum

Get your First or next 5 high paying clients




Business Foundation And Reach out Strategy

Micro Video Mastery and High-ticket Appointment Booking.

Product Fundamentals and Online Reputation management


Moguls Foundation of Online Business – Learn the basics of doing online to strengthen your business roots.

Moguls Reach-out Blueprint – Learn how to identify, reach out and close ideal customer avatar.


Micro Video Mastery – Learn how to generate quality leads through micro-videos.

Moguls Filtered Calendar Blueprint – Learn how to book quality appointments that are actually worth your time.


Moguls Product Fundamentals – Learn how to create a product that other people can sell for you.

Moguls Brand Setup Manual – Learn how to look like a brand presence online.

Create Multiple Sources of Revenue




Learn To Build a Wildly Profitable Business and Creating Multiple offers

Email marketing and How to create seamless customer experience

Learn Facebook and YouTube Advertising


The Moguls Finance Blueprint – Learn How to manage finances like a serial entrepreneur.

The Moguls  Ladder System – Learn how to create cross-sells, down-sells, and up-sells to get more revenue from the same number of customers.


The Moguls Email Marketing System – Learn how to collect and nurture an email database to get consistent quality leads.

The Moguls Customer Experience Method – Learn how to create a seamless experience for your customers to 3X your referrals.


Moguls Facebook Ads System – Learn how to get maximum ROI for your social media advertising budget.

Moguls YouTube Ads Blueprint – Learn How to get maximum ROI from your search engine advertising budget.

Build a community of Loyal brand advocates




Leadership and team-building and Start your own Cult

Create an affiliate network and use data and automation to skyrocket your business.

Crowdsourcing & Support and Referral and reward system.


The Moguls Leadership Method – Learn how to turn stakeholders into leaders who will lead thousands along with you on a journey to success.

The Moguls Community Building Blueprint– Learn how to build a community of followers driven by a MISSION & Vision.


The Moguls Affiliate Blueprint – Learn to create an army of commission-based resellers.

The Moguls Automation System – Learn how to use tools and systems to save 50% of your time.


The Moguls Crowdsource Method – Learn how to drive a community to serve its own members through content and support.

The Moguls Rewards System – Learn how to build an incentivizing/referral system for all stakeholders to drive sales by 3X.

Become a GO-TO Authority in your Niche




Communication mastery and become an author

Win social media with YouTube & Instagram School

Learn how to do podcasts to boost collaborations?


The AAA Public Speaking Mechanism – Learn how to become a paid public speaker in your industry/niche.

The Moguls Author Blueprint– Learn how to write & publish a book within 90 days.


The Moguls YouTube Success Formula – Learn how to monetize your YouTube channel.

The Moguls Instagram Challenge – Learn how to hack Instagram Algorithm to grow followers exponentially.


The Moguls Podcast Success Formula – Learn how to start and grow your podcast & become a thought leader in your industry.

The Moguls Collaboration Blueprint – Learn how to make B2B collaborations to exchange audience and customers without an extra marketing budget.

Priya Gandhi
Priya Gandhi
Read More
With Mr. Avi Arya’s guidance, I launched my business on all digital platforms successfully.
Aditya Mundra
Aditya Mundra
Read More
I would say it was one of the best decisions to join the IMOTWS community. The way Avi is personally involved in solving the problems of each member is amazing.
Aastha Tatia
Aastha Tatia
Read More
I was in two minds before joining the Internet Moguls of the World community. Today I feel it was the best decision I made.
Shyantani Chowdhary
Shyantani Chowdhary
Read More
IMOTWS is not only a school but a place that will transform your life 360 degrees.
Mohit Jain
Mohit Jain
Read More
I received something more that's invaluable Avi's companionship in taking you through the roller coaster journey towards success and his community it's priceless.
Nirupama Vyas
Nirupama Vyas
Read More
Life is all about making the right choices!! I m so glad that I took the right choice being a part of this community which has the structured discipline and growth-oriented people!!

At Digital Entrepreneurship Blueprint You Will Get

Results You Will Get...

There more to come yet…

Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Business & Life?

We have helped 542+ individuals [LIKE YOU] learn to take their business online and become world-class entrepreneurs.

Take the leap from,

Uncertainty in business to confidence in business decision.

Confusion in business to clarity in business.

Tension and stress of uncertainty to happiness.


Thursday Masterclass With Masters

When you enroll for Internet Moguls of The World School, you get exclusive access to 52 sessions by World’s Top Online Business Experts To Upskill You. These masters will prevent you from doing digital disasters.

Schedule a call today to learn the online business from Viraj Kalra, Gaurav Bhagat, Siddharth Rajsekhar, Digital Prateek, Nicholas Arapkiles, Virginia Nussey, Jeff Geronimo, and many more…

Ajay Chopra

How Ajay Chopra Pursued his Passion and Created Cook’s Academy.

Amit Duggal

How Performance Marketing can help grow small brands.

Sanjay Shenoy

80/20 SEO masterclass.

Kinner N Sachdeva

How to Build Sales Funnel using Content?

Digital Prateek

3 Proven Steps To Generate Leads & Sales On Autopilot From Instagram.

Jyotsana Ramchandran

How busy aspiring authors can cut down their book-writing time by half and finally finish their manuscript’.

Mark Asquith

How to start, grow and generate revenue from your podcast with a short straight-talking podcasting.

Omar Zenhom

How to run super successful webinars using WebinarNinja.

Dr. Mudgil

How Videos can help you grow your Brand irrespective of your Industry.

Viraj Kalra

How to become a four dimensionally aware strong & successful personal brand.

Buddy Partner System

Entrepreneurship is challenging but you don’t have to face these challenges alone. Internet Moguls of The World School thrives by the power of community and communion.  When you enroll in Internet Moguls of The World School, you will be assigned a Buddy partner who will assist you in completing all of the school’s challenges and tasks. So that you can look up someone at any time.

The Internet Moguls Community

All the members of Internet Moguls Of The World School have access to a premium community moderated by Avi Arya himself. Internet Moguls Community is not your regular Facebook or WhatsApp group where join once and your phone is overloaded with notifications of “Good morning Messages.”

In this community, Avi Arya interacts with the community himself and shares his expert insights and valuable resources every day.

Last but not least…

Get A One-on-One Call With None Other Than Avi Arya

A 45-minute 1-on-1 session with Avi Arya where he will understand your particular challenges and provide you a custom solution for your business.

MEET the founder



Hi, I am a father of two girls and six dogs. A streetcar racer turned hotelier turned Social Media Influencer, the first internet mogul who believes that the shortest distance between two hearts is a story.

Influencive ranked me among the top 25 influencers, Impact Magazine ranked me among the top 100 digital icons of the region, and I have been credited with creating 100 million dollars in revenue for my clients.

My digital journey began when I started promoting my dad’s hotel business in 2001 with digital advertising. And scaled my family hotel business from one to five hotels in less than five years.

In 2010, I began sharing my knowledge with the hospitality industry to utilize DIGITAL more effectively. I have helped more than 300 companies in this field by 2016. My company, Internet Moguls, is included in Insights magazine’s list of TOP 20 TECH companies. I have helped 50000 entrepreneurs set up their online businesses using the power of videos to generate non-stop leads and sales.

Who are Internet Moguls?

We have been running one of India’s most successful digital marketing agencies called internet Moguls which gives strategy and execution for brands like Four Seasons Hotel, Bajaj, Hotel Marriot, Thai Airways, and Amway.

And we are on a mission to turn 100,000 LAKH business owners into Internet Moguls.

An INTERNET MOGUL is defined as somebody who is able to start & grow their entrepreneurial venture, follow and never give up on their dreams, and at the same never compromise the real quality time with their family.

Advisory Board of IMOTWS

Sukriti Talwar

Runner , fashion designer

Gaurav Bhagat

Sales Coach

Viraj Kalra

The Trainer, Speaker, and Coach

Here are more bonus to expect…

Get Internet Moguls Success Planner

A comprehensive 12-month plan for online success in any business. This is not a copy-pasted planner. It is created by the C-suite of Internet Moguls who have worked in every industry possible during their digital marketing careers.

Internet Moguls Checklists

No more starting from scratch; get Avi Arya’s GO Live system checklist, Internet Moguls Facebook Ads checklist, Internet Moguls Social media start checklist that guides you on every step of your digital journey.

Unlimited Access To Internet Moguls Exclusive

“How To Never Run Out Of Leads SYSTEM” created by the founders of Internet Moguls Of The World School. Discover three levels of every business and how to generate consistent leads for every step.

No Money Marketing Mastery

Learn how to build a sales funnel out of your organic content that brings leads and sales only using Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube’s organic content.

Email Marketing 101 Guide

Get “Email Marketing 101 Guide,” Internet Moguls exclusive email generation and capture system that helped us to generate an email list of 150K+ emails with least amount of ad spend.

Internet Moguls’s Exclusive Swipe files

“Internet Moguls’s Exclusive Swipe files” the ads and email copies that we use for ourselves.

There more to come yet…

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Half of the money you spend on marketing is wasted, and you don’t know which half.

From today onwards, this will not happen & you will get the exact framework to build and implement a successful marketing plan to get positive ROI on every rupee spend on Marketing.

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