Discover How Dr. Rati Is Leveraging Digital Marketing To Disrupt The Old School View Of Education

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I am Dr. Rati. I am a Child Psychologist, Leadership Transformation Coach, NLP Practitioner, Author & Trainer. I help people discover how nutrition and holistic development can lead to an improved sense of overall well-being.

With almost two decades of experience as an educator and communicator, I have transformed myself into an ardent social innovator and disrupted the old-school view of education through a new, forward-looking approach.  I aim to bridge the gap between conventional formal education and the application of psychological principles. My educational philosophy ideas have been adopted by many social media influencers and educators. 

As a professional speaker, psychologist, and business consultant, I spend a lot of time developing life strategies to help people make positive changes in their lives. However, I needed proper guidance in taking my business online and making it effective. I was searching for online courses to help me achieve that, but none of them suited my needs until I came across Avi Arya’s masterclass. I found that to be highly inspiring and wanted to explore more to further improve my business and also to develop my marketing skills. 

I joined IMOTWS and learned a lot about how online business works, how to make advertising more effective, how to establish a sense of brand identity, and how to eliminate hindrances and overcome challenges. Avi Arya is like a father-figure to me and I would describe him as a Powerful, Optimistic, Persuasive, Skillful, and Influential educator and marketer.. As a father, Avi takes care of everyone and shares his knowledge with them to help them grow and achieve their full potential.

I am grateful to Avi Arya for everything I learned and experienced there, and I feel lucky to be a part of IMOTWS’ growing community.

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