Discover how micro videos boosted the career of an already established advertising consultant

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Hello! My name is Sameer Bhargava. As an Advertising Consultant with over 20 years of experience, I have worked with top agencies and with corporate brands. I help people and businesses struggling with digital avenues boost their reach and visibility to increase sales.

I am able to market myself in a better way ever since I joined MVM. I can make good videos and introduce myself better to the world through those videos. I could reach out to more people online and generate more leads in a short amount of time. 

I have recorded many videos, from Hero stories to Brand videos, to Product videos that showcase innovative products, which were used for a pitch presentation and for the identification and analysis of problems in my promotional activities.

My family members have also benefited from my learning and experiences. With my mother, who is 71 years old I started a YouTube channel on Art and Cooking. That means a lot to her and she is very happy about making videos and connecting with like-minded people online. We have done over 50 videos in a short period. With my motivation, my wife “Anupriti” was able to transform her traditional school to digital where she teaches Kathak Dance, Tabla, Vocal Music, Keyboard, and my 13-year-old son has started a gaming YouTube channel. 

As a member of MVM, I get to associate with a beautiful community that cares for each other. When I was hospitalized for nearly 120 days due to COVID, MVM team members came forward and helped me in the best way. 

As a result, I recovered well and quickly after my treatment. In addition to the learning and marketing stuff, you can build a community where you can climb together and support each other when necessary. I deeply appreciate your generosity and support, IMOTWS.

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