Discover the secret strategies that helped Dr. Paramjeet Singh to scale his memory coaching business online

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I’m Dr. Paramjeet Singh, the father of a Supergirl and the spouse of a wonderfully supportive wife. I am a Memory Coach with 13 years of experience, an Asia & National Memory Record Holder, and the Founder of RYM Academy, where we have trained over 25000 students, parents, teachers, trainers, and individuals in 5 countries, with many students setting Asia & National Memory Records.

I was self-conscious in front of the camera. I didn’t use Instagram at all. I was unaware of the impact of videos, therefore I avoided making them. I had no idea about the webinar secrets. I was unaware of client avatars, and as a result, I was wary of Facebook Ads.

I saw Avi Sir on Facebook one day and recognised he was the one who might help me fulfil my “MISSION TO TRAIN 10 LAC BRAINS TO UTILIZE OPTIMUM MEMORY POWER OF BRAIN,” so I enrolled in his IMOTW SCHOOL.

After enrolling at IMOTW SCHOOL, I realised that I had made the best decision of my life because of the way he communicates and the way this community assists. I am always learning and improving my skills here, and anyone may reach their goals by enrolling in this institution. I’m getting everything I wanted right now.

I am now at ease with the camera. I’m making full use of my Instagram account. Making videos comes naturally to me. conduct webinars all the time. My Facebook ads are currently running.

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