Digital Masters Conference

A WhatsApp Group Turned Into A Powerful Alliance Inspiring Businesses In India To Grow Exponentially By Leveraging Digital Revolution

Read this till the end if you want to know how two people built the world’s largest digital marketing alliance over a phone call.

How did it all start?

I wanted to create a system that would allow young Indian entrepreneurs to reap all the benefits of entrepreneurship- without any drawbacks; they could have a happy personal life, a comfortable income, and time to spend with their children. 

To help them succeed, I wanted to offer the best business systems available online. And for that, I need to collaborate with the competition. So, in 2018, I casually called Siddharth Rajsekar, and we had so on-point conversation that by the end of our call, we created a Whatsapp group to onboard India’s top digital experts.  

I was so pumped up after talking to Sidz as I could see my vision being manifested. 

I have to say Sidz was the core power that gave a push to the whole project. Right after our call, he connected with Deepak Kanakaraju, and then soon he added Gopal Krishnan, Sorav Jain, Gaurav Gurbaxani, Sanjay Shenoy, and Faheem Ahmed to the same group.

Kulwant Nagi and Saurabh Choudhary also jumped in.

On 13 January 2019, some photos clicked at GRT Grand went viral all over the internet. So naturally, these photos were getting shared and reshared. 

But WHY?

Because it was the first time, the world saw India’s super nine of Digital Marketing, Avi, Sidz, Deepak Kanakaraju, Gopal Krishnan, Sorav Jain, Gaurav Gurbaxani, Sanjay Shenoy, and Faheem Ahmed, and Kulwant Nagi.

We were more excited than the people who were sharing our pictures.

But we got the real momentum on January 18 we met Jack Canfield in the office of Success Gyan. Sidz has already shared our vision with Surendran Jayasekar, and it was lovely of him to call all of us over to his place for the National Achiever’s award, where he introduced us to Jack Canfield. 

And that meeting with Jack made us realize that we are up to something much bigger that has never happened before. He shared his principles on how to build a successful mastermind.

After meeting with Jack, we were all pumped up, and we started our weekly mastermind. We were all motivated by the principle of collaboration over competition. 

And soon we realized that each of us is a master of one particular skill and every week we were teaching other new things. We were empowering each other. It was notable that we were getting closer to each other. And now, we were ready to scale this alliance by ingraining the vision of “To empower 1 million entrepreneurs to thrive in today’s digital economy.”

So, Sidz and I co-founded Digital Masters Conference together.

From Thoughts To Ground

Finally, on August 15 at Sahara hall, Mumbai, with a hall all packed with more than 900 people we the “Digital Master Alliance” delivered our first presentations.

But you know what? After delivering hundreds of speeches individually, we were nervous about speaking at an event that was just originated from our brains. 

Because it was the first time that we were allotted a fixed period of 20-30 minutes to share our knowledge and provide as much value as possible.

Still, the first Digital Master’s Conference turned out to be a super hit. HOW?

Well, as Sidz and I have worked on this mission for more than two years, we already knew what could obstruct the workflow. And the foremost thing that seems to cause trouble is our knowledge. 

Yes! Yes! Our knowledge because we all belong to the same industry, and our topics needed not to overlap with each other.

But due to the chemistry that we had built with each other over the last year, it showed its magic then. So we got bifurcated into groups of three each, and we had a crystal clear vision of what we were going to deliver and whatnot.

This chemistry and bonding helped us to prepare for the Big Day of 15 August 2021 came. The day when we released the first Digital Master’s Conference with the help of Success Gyan at Sahara Hall, Mumbai, with a hall all packed with more than 900 people.

While we learned so many things from each other over the last two years, it was nothing in comparison to the joy of 900+ entrepreneurs who realized the potential of digital businesses. And now this journey will continue until we help 1MILLION Indian entrepreneurs to transform their business exponentially.

Together we want to transform Indian businesses and inspire collaboration in the Indian digital marketing industry.

So, if you have ever made any alliance, do share with us in the comments how it impacted you and your peers. Or, if you believe that Indian entrepreneurs best online business systems, share this with your entrepreneur friend.

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