Find out what made Nidhi Saini realize that her mess can be her message

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Hi, I’m Nidhi Saini, proud mother to a young man, creator of my own life, an omnivert, a lifelong seeker, a textile professional turned Communication Skills Trainer, also an Emotional Clarity Coach & author.

After juggling corporate employment, my own business, and working for educational institutions for 21 years, I concluded that my happiness came not from money, but from giving back to society. That made me so happy to be able to give back what life had taught me. Each event shaped me into a better version of myself, and I now use that knowledge to help others become better versions of themselves.

My genuine happiness came when I became a Life Coach after discovering my passion as an educator and trainer.

Life Coaching was never on my bucket list. I didn’t choose it, but I’d say it chose me.

God put me through various trials and tribulations in my life to prepare me for this road when he believed I was ready.

I found it difficult to reach out to my actual audience/clients, even after upskilling myself through life and formal training. It was difficult for me to find my home in this overcrowded virtual realm until I met Avi.

My path would have been incomplete if I hadn’t met Avi Arya. I always struggled to reach out to the people who might need me. But being a part of IMOTWS helped me gain clarity on how I need to take my journey forward and reach out to those who are looking for someone like me. I have indeed found myself in a different light. Joining IMOTWS has been one of the best decisions of my life. It has given a push & a structure to my journey as a Coach & a Trainer.

Life has been more focused as now I know how I can have my own space in the virtual world. I got more clarity about my positioning. I understood how to better connect with my audience. Consistency was always a strength for me but how to use it to build my credibility is something I have learnt.

Another thing Avi has taught me is that YOUR MESS IS YOUR MESSAGE & that actually helped me understand my path better. 

The reason why I connect well with my audience is that I help people through my life experiences & not through any theoretical knowledge.

My work & business is definitely being noticed & I am sure of exploring higher avenues.

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