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Learn How To Get High-Paying Clients Consistently?

8 July, 2022 | 9.00 pm | FRIDAY

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Priya Gandhi
Priya Gandhi
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With Mr. Avi Arya’s guidance, I launched my business on all digital platforms successfully.
Aditya Mundra
Aditya Mundra
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I would say it was one of the best decisions to join the IMOTWS community. The way Avi is personally involved in solving the problems of each member is amazing.
Aastha Tatia
Aastha Tatia
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I was in two minds before joining the Internet Moguls of the World community. Today I feel it was the best decision I made.
Shyantani Chowdhary
Shyantani Chowdhary
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IMOTWS is not only a school but a place that will transform your life 360 degrees.
Mohit Jain
Mohit Jain
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I received something more that's invaluable Avi's companionship in taking you through the roller coaster journey towards success and his community it's priceless.
Nirupama Vyas
Nirupama Vyas
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Life is all about making the right choices!! I m so glad that I took the right choice being a part of this community which has the structured discipline and growth-oriented people!!

Four Systems Help Businesses To Get High-Paying Clients

We teach all the FOUR PILLARS of securing HIGH-PAYING CLIENTS in the Internet Moguls Webinar.

Reach out Strategy For High-paying Clients

Get the reach out strategy that helps you to connect with the decision-makers of million dollar companies.

Product + Delivery

How to build a successful business model, ensuring that you make what will enable you to scale quickly while also remaining profitable and delivering value to your clients and customers.

How to Pitch High-paying clients

Perhaps the most critical component to securing a high-paying client is pitching. Learn how to pitch to bigger companies.

Operations + Team

How to develop your system properly and manage a team (even if the entrepreneur does not want a team), because, without the proper backend team, a business can be a nightmare—regardless of how much money you make.

Still wondering if this workshop is for you?

If you are a business owner, then,

Internet Mogul’s High Paying Client Webinar Is For You

A brand new approach to getting high-paying clients that are faster and easier to implement. In this webinar, we are going to teach you


Biggest Obstacle

What is the biggest obstacle that prevents you from getting high-paying clients?- How To Get Rid Of It?


High-paying Clients

How you can find high-paying clients easily and how to close deals with them effortlessly?


Build Systems

How to build systems that will keep your pipeline filled with high-paying clients.

If you are a business owner, then,

Internet Mogul’s High Paying Client Webinar Is For You

A brand new approach to getting high-paying clients that is faster and easier to implement. In this webinar, we are going to teach you

Here is what you get inside Get high Paying Clients Masterclass:

This is not another online workshop from another internet coach, I have worked with biggest names in the industry and generated $27 Million revenue for me and $100+ Million Revenue for my clients.

I know how to get high-ticket clients and now I want to help you to get high ticket clients.

Right now these things are not going to work for you…

The only thing that you need is to signup high-paying clients and we teach this in the Internet Moguls HIGH-PAYING CLIENT WORKSHOP. This 90-MINUTE workshop will teach you how to get high-paying clients exactly like me.

When you sign up for the workshop, you get more than just a lecture. You will get…


Internet Moguls exclusive 5-MINUTE, 5-STEP closing system that Avi Arya uses himself to close deals.


9-STEP Webinar guide to getting more people in your sales pipeline.


Exclusive access to the Internet Moguls Community to get support and inspiration from fellow entrepreneurs

Meet your Mentor



Hi, I am a father of two girls and six dogs. A streetcar racer turned hotelier turned Social Media Influencer, the first internet mogul who believes that the shortest distance between two hearts is a story. Influencive ranked me among the top 25 influencers, Impact Magazine ranked me among the top 100 digital icons of the region, and I have been credited with creating 100 million dollars in revenue for my clients.

My digital journey began when I started promoting my dad’s hotel business in 2001 with digital advertising. And scaled my family hotel business from one to five hotels in less than five years. In 2010, I began sharing my knowledge with the hospitality industry to utilize DIGITAL more effectively. I have helped more than 300 companies in this field by 2016. My company, Internet Moguls, is included in Insights magazine’s list of TOP 20 TECH companies.

I have helped 73000+ entrepreneurs set up their online businesses using the power of videos to generate non-stop leads and sales.

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Business Built


Why should you trust us?

Well, we are ENTREPRENEURS and not Coaches. We actually built and scaled multiple BUSINESSES that have generated over 2100+ crores in revenue

So this is not just another WORKSHOP from another COACH who is selling you packaged information

Will you benefit from this?

The content of the Workshop is designed and divided based on whatever stage of business you are in. We have advice for everyone who is just starting out as well as has a well established business generating millions.

As people who have gone through all stages, WE KNOW what you NEED the most.

Will you be able to implement everything?

Yes !

The solutions given by us are actually simple, practical and easy to implement.

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