How an 18-year-old boy from Azamgarh, started an online business from nothing?

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Hi myself Akhilesh Maurya, father of 2 kids, husband to a super supportive wife, son of a painter. A daily wage helper turned Graphic Designer turned entrepreneur. With 11 years of experience, I am helping people make a powerful and engaging impact using visual communication.

Back in 2007, I came to Delhi from Azamgarh UP, after completing my 12th. 

However, my results are yet to be announced online, and because of my multiple requests, my father agreed to call me here in Delhi.

There were many dreams before I touched the soil of Delhi, and when I landed on my father’s villa, it was just one room, one burner gas, a few stencils, a charpai, a radio, one bulb, and no curtain on the door. 

Rest, I don’t have to explain. However, long story, in short, it’s been 11 years in graphic designing, and I did work with plenty of companies. 

Then, for the last few years, I continuously tried to become an entrepreneur and failed a lot. But then, one day, I saw an ad from Avi sir and enrolled for the 3-day course and then for the 1-year program. 

It is a before and after moment for me. Won small ticket clients and learned a lot. Within two months, I started my YouTube channel, got active on my Insta, and there are many things I am improving in my life. All I can say is this is just a start and many more to come.

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