How did a small-town boy from Buldana start his own online English coaching business with the help of Micro videos?

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Deepak Sharma is the father of a cute little son and the husband of a caring superwoman. I am a lawyer turned English trainer and the Director of Inspire-The Institute of Youth Development, where I have helped over 2000 students from rural areas who were struggling with their careers due to their poor English and low confidence. They are now progressing steadily and securely in their jobs. Many of them have successful careers as lawyers, doctors, teachers, and engineers. Many of them are wealthy businesspeople. My objective is to teach kids from rural areas to speak English fluently so that they can get the jobs they want. 

My life prior to joining IMOTW: I am from a very small town (Shegaon) in Maharashtra’s Buldana district, where nearly no one knows English. The absence of a reliable location to learn English was a barrier; I had to expend additional work and time travelling to a nearby city to learn English. I learned English by visiting a nearby city.

In 2013, I made the decision to begin assisting kids in my community without having to travel elsewhere in order to become fluent English speakers. I used to tutor pupils in private sessions. For me, the COVID crisis in 2019 was a setback. I hadn’t earned a single penny throughout the lockdown, and I’d lost myself in the midst of the pessimism. It was time to adjust to change, which I was hesitant to do.

I was not technically proficient, was camera-shy, and was terrified of my students’ unfavourable reactions to online classes. I couldn’t even consider beginning online school. But how long could I go without earning money? All of my savings were being depleted. I attempted to run a tea stall but failed. Then I put 2LACS into a new tiny general store, but it didn’t work out. I was losing faith. 

I.M.O.T.W. School then happened to me. I’ve always wished for a mentor like Avi sir. I came across an advertisement for his webinar. After attending the webinar, I was unsure whether paying money on his micro-video mastery course would be worthwhile for me. But after speaking with Avi sir during the webinar, I convinced myself to take one more risk and invest in this course in order to have a community of people on the same journey as me who are a few steps ahead of me. And, believe it or not, my style of thinking and working has completely altered.

I not only learned how to make videos, but I’m also more active on social media, I’ve found direction, and I’ve narrowed down my niche. I now have a deeper understanding of my customer Avatar than ever before. It is not any less than any other Entrepreneurship programme. I adore the IMOTWS community, where everyone is always willing to help, and I like Avi sir and his team’s reputation and sincerity. I appreciate how they are concerned with the success of each and every person of the community.

Now I teach English online, which was one of the most significant impediments to establishing my business. Now that I’m getting leads, I’m no longer afraid of the camera. Now that I have an Instagram account, I post content virtually every day. I’m getting more leads and converting them at a faster rate. Every month, I generate more revenue.

I feel hopeful and glad to be in such a wonderful neighbourhood where everyone is always willing to help. The team members are quite helpful. And thank you isn’t enough to explain how grateful I am to Avi sir. He is a man of many words. He follows through on his promises.


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