How did Ajay Singh overcame his camera fear and grew his business through videos?

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With incoming clients and a growing business, I lived a fairly comfortable life, as a digital agency owner. I managed my expenses and enjoyed weekends with my family. Everything was fine. 


After being introduced to AVI Sir’s system, I realized that there was so much more to the world than what I saw, especially when it comes to the global market and what people are doing on the coaching front. I realized that I had a huge gap between my knowledge and clients’ expectations of me, so I joined the course, set it all up, and made sales in my very first webinar. I realized that I have a huge opportunity and a responsibility in front of me. 


The fact that I had stumbled upon a new niche and was able to coach people and make money at the same time made me very happy. Coaching gave me the opportunity to grow my agency with a strong social media presence. The IMOTWS’ techniques have made it easier for me to run multiple businesses at the same time. My reputation as an expert in my field grew gradually. 


Avi Sir and the community really helped me overcome my challenges, which did not involve technical difficulties, but rather dealing with how to present myself to the camera with my face facing the camera. I think that was the biggest challenge for me, and I was able to overcome it with the help of Avi’s ‘shyness to awesome’ system, and of course, with a community that was all in the same boat and we’re all supportive of each other. 


This community made me a lifelong learner and I am grateful to have been able to give back to it. I always take the time to help the members of the community. We all want the same things in business, and this community really helped me in realizing the potential for growth.

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