How did customer clarity helped Mukta Khosla to scale her business digitally?

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Mukta Khosla here, mother of two wonderful daughters. I began my work as a teacher, then as a homemaker, and now as a company owner.

I am a part of one of the top MLM firms that sell beauty and health products. I am sharing this opportunity with women who want to be financially independent while caring for their families and do not have a lot of money to invest.

This chance has not only revolutionised my life but has also provided me with the opportunity to encourage over 3000 women to transform their lives by forging their own identities.

Before joining IMOTWS, I didn’t have a system in place for my business. I couldn’t work digitally. I had no notion how to make our social media presence known. I was working aimlessly, with no big goals in mind. I had no idea who my customer was.

However, after joining the IMOTWS, my life transformed radically.

It seemed like I was back in school because there was so much participation in terms of weekly classes, assignments, training classes, and knowledge from Avi Sir and team members.

There are people from various backgrounds in our group that motivate and inspire us to do our best in order to reach our goals, and they are always willing to support one another.

Working with the system On digital platforms, consistency is essential. Clarity regarding our customers. How to leverage our own tales to persuade our customers to buy from us. Proper guidance is required to attain our objectives.


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