How did IMOTWS helped a Intellectual Property Lawyer to discover her passion?

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I am Priggya Arora, a young, strategic, and responsive Intellectual Property Lawyer. Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated by technology and curious about learning how things operate. This led me to complete my undergraduate degree in Engineering. I first considered law as a career option when I had to help my father with some convoluted and confusing legal work. Once I discovered a Law course at IIT Kharagpur and a career field that combined both technology and law, there was no looking back. 

My interests have been pretty wide and varied, and they always influence how I lead my life. Entrepreneurship is the most recent of these, and it’s also a way to put into practice all the other skills and interests I have learned over time. At my firm, PA Legal, I focus on forming lasting connections with my clients. My strength lies in innovating and customizing legal strategies to suit the client’s needs, regardless of what kind of legal protection they need or which part of the world they come from. 

Since I became a part of the Internet Moguls of the World School, I’ve been getting better at this crucial aspect of my work. I have used the Internet to expand my connections and convert elusive clients from different regions of the world. With the continuous support from the community at IMOTWS, I plan to make use of all the skills I have developed here to make my entrepreneurship venture a success. 

The community and my mentors have been crucial in making me reach out to more people, and develop more ways to put me and my firm out into the world. The course format is focused on the many ways in which you can find clients on the Internet and reach more people and communicate more effectively. I now have a clearer view of what to do, and a ton of ideas on how to connect with new people. 

The community has also been very supportive of the implementation of these measures. We have encouragements, examples of other people doing the work, and cooperative learning even with competitors. We are a set of like-minded people working towards their goals as effectively and efficiently as possible. Being here with all these wonderful people has taken me quite some way into the miracle of being recognized for my work. Thank you IMOTWS!

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