How did Rachna Mathur stepped out from her comfort zone and learned to make sales in IMOTWS?

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I am Rachna Mathur, and I am a vocalist by passion. I am the daughter of a devoted father, the graceful mother of a strong-willed woman, and the aunt of two extremely smart young girls. I am a Biotechnologist by training, have worked as a Marketer in the In-vitro Diagnostics (IVD) of the Healthcare Industry for over 25 years, and am now a Gallup certified Strengths Coach to help young and mid-level professionals experience the joy of knowing themselves better, exploring the potential within, and aiming for the talent themes to excel in career and overall well-being. My approach to coaching is to walk the trip until we arrive at our destination.

Before joining IMOTWS, I was confused and didn’t know how to start a business. After more than 25 years of employment, I was terrified of the prospect of starting my own business. There is no prior sales experience. I’m feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of opening up on social media. There are no customers. I had no idea where to look for them.

In this school, I witness and hear about the journeys of other entrepreneurs, and I now know that everyone started from the ground up and persevered through the process to achieve success. This creative group and committed mentors are motivating, and their tales resonate with me.

I now have a better grasp of how to start a business. For the first time, I’m studying and practising sales principles and digital tools. I am now at ease in front of the camera and on social media. I’m networking within the group in order to benefit from their knowledge and experience. I recognise that my business will be a reflection of my ideals, so I am also working on myself.

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