How IMOTWS community helped empowerment coach Swati Naidu to be confident during sales?

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I’m Swati Naidu, the daughter of two physicians, the wife of a doctor who became a pastor, and the mother of two wonderful children and a dog. As an English language expert and soft skills trainer with over 23 years of experience, I am now an author and an Empowerment Coach who helps professionals between the ages of 35 and 50 understand themselves better, face their fears, and become successful and fruitful in life through mindset transformation and coaching.


Before joining IMOTWS, I’d never been able to charge for my services. When it came to talking about myself, I was always felt conscious. I had no idea about how to do business. I didn’t have anyone to whom I could turn for help. I didn’t have a specific purpose in mind.


But after joining IMOTWS, I saw a significant transformation in myself as a businesswoman. My mentor Avi Arya – I live his humility, down to earth attitude and willingness to help people by going the extra mile. Great support system through the community. A chance to do things again if we miss out. Great study material. Met friends for life. Became comfortable with getting me known. Daring to dream big and geared up to work for it. 


The Internet Mogul Of The World Community helped me to be comfortable while doing sales. I learned how to embrace vulnerability. The buddy partner system made me feel belonged and I realized that I am not alone on this journey. The community helped me to understand that we are not part of the rat race.

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