How IMOTWS helped Juhi Goyal Gupta to make sales with ease.

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A wandering soul, music lover, deep thinker, wild observer, experimental cook, plant mom, dancing star, graphic designer and a professional freelance photographer, specialising in Portraiture & Fashion.

People call me a little messy, a little sassy. I’m also known as Desiphotowali. 

Born in Agra, brought up in Chennai and now based in Hyderabad. 

I had a lack of motivation and was inconsistent. Furthermore, my shyness and self-doubt were stumbling blocks for me. The unpleasantness of contacting clients and waiting for them to connect with you. I was not devoting enough energy to producing the work I’m capable of producing.

This community’s energy is on another level. Positivity has entered my life as a result of it. It is a motivating factor for putting plans into action. I made friends with similar interests. 

The training at this school is so special and feels so personal. Avi sir and the coaches here take a lot of effort to make sure everything goes on smoothly and they really help us to become action takers and be heart workers. 

No school ever takes such measures to go above and beyond for its students. Every worth spent only adds value to what is there already and how to grow big in all aspects. 

The amount of love and respect everyone holds in their heart is beautiful.

I’ve grown more conscious and consistent in my job. Change in approach to dealing with clients. I learned how to prepare a strong pitch. I became more responsible and self-assured. I discovered a community, a mentor, and people who share the same spirit and vibe as me and are succeeding at work.

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