How To Become A Successful Internet Mogul In 2022 As A Digital Consultant?

How To Become A Successful Internet Mogul In 2022 As A Digital Consultant?

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You all might be wondering who is an Internet Mogul and what this blog is all about? Now here is the answer to your question.

Internet Mogul is an Entrepreneur who works online and gives equal time to his family and his business. Now, I’m sure all of you might be wondering how do we become a successful Internet Mogul in 2022 as a digital consultant? So before we get there, I would like to introduce myself.

Who Am I?

Harshit Chaturvedi As A Digital Consultant

  • Harshit Chaturvedi, a boy from Lucknow, who loves to play guitar is also a Software Developer turned Digital Consultant. I help Coaches and consultants shift their business online with the help of my digital consultation and services.
  • I eventually started earning in my Second year and worked in a local Software coaching institute,
  • Got placed in a Multi-National Company 6 months before my college ended. Got the highest package among all my friends.
  • During my job as a Software Engineer, I was making Banking Software worth Crores of rupees for American Banks.
  • Always wanted to start doing Business. So, on January 27th, 2021. I decided to start my side hustle, a digital marketing agency, which later became my life.
  • Worked with more than 50+ clients. Spent more than Rs 5 lakhs in education. Spent more than Rs 5 lakhs of clients in Advertisements. Worked 12+ hours each day. Got a team of 5 people.
  • Currently, I am a digital consultant in Internet Mogul giving digital consultation to small and medium business owners to work on their business digitally, become Big brands, and get consistently high-quality online leads.

What Have I Learned And Implemented From Internet Moguls?

 How To Become A Successful Internet Mogul In 2022 As A Digital Consultant?

Internet Moguls have changed the way I think right from the Employee mindset to the employer mindset, from hiring to operations, to research and development, and much more.

I have learned that it is very important to Give before you Get. I have now started writing Synopsis every weekend in the private community of all the lectures of IMOTWS. Now, I have soo many clients from the community itself who are paying me money. I am grateful for this. This is why I am continuing to do this.

As days passes by, I also understood that Videos have power. If you need an immediate client then you just record a 5 Step 5 Minute video that consists of

i) Personalisation
ii) Hook
iii) Introduction
iv) Their Problems and the solution
v) Testimonials, with final Call to Action

and send it to a person who might turn out to be your potential client. Either he will become your client or will recommend someone else. 

Now with consistent videos on YouTube and Instagram, you can gain many followers/ subscribers and become influencers real soon. All you got to do is to maintain some sheer consistency.

One important thing that I learned from Internet Moguls is the different ways of generating leads for my digital consultant business through

Now if I have to talk about productivity, below are some of the ways one can be productive.

  • MMD(Moguls Must Do)
  • DER (Day End Report)
  • PYNW (Plan Your Next Week)
  • Always have a Google Calendar and try to follow at least 90% of it.
  • Make sure to include your daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, half-yearly, and yearly rewards in that.
  • Have a partner who is the aunt of your baby(business) so that when you go out to get more clients, someone is taking care of the operations.
  • Make SOPs.

Talking about the community, they have business owners who have experience of more than 30+years and are earning in Crores. They are dedicated to helping and supporting each other. 

After spending more than a year with IMOTWS, I cannot express what have I learned. I can say that I have grown 10+years in just one year.

Now, What Am I Doing In Life As A Digital Consultant?

How To Become A Successful Internet Mogul In 2022 As A Digital Consultant

  • I am now an internet mogul working as a digital consultant who helps business owners get consistent high-quality online leads with the help of digital power.
  • I have a team of 5 core members and an army of freelancers who are dedicated to working for business owners in any digital area they want.
  • I am planning to launch a service dedicated to coaches in which I am going to provide full end-to-end support so that they only need to work on delivery, the rest of everything goes digital.
  • I am providing world-class video Legend Services to coaches, who want to put out consistent videos on the internet to increase their influence and finally get more high-quality clients.


Let’s brief this out quickly. 

You need industry-ready skills, certifications, work experience, and a sizable network in your field to become a digital marketing consultant. To become a successful Digital Marketing Consultant with renowned companies like Internet Moguls, you also need to identify your primary areas of expertise, post insightful content for thought leadership, and start by winning startups and small businesses.

So what is stopping you from joining the Internet Moguls? Hurry up and be a part of the prestigious Internet Moguls that could surely change your life and the way you think!!

Meanwhile, you can also join our Internet Moguls Of The World School, where we help you to set yourself up for success, learn the key digital business concepts to thrive, and build an online business so that you can have more time for your family, more peace, and more financial freedom.

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Do let us know in the comments how much this has been helpful for you. We’ll be more than happy if you come back again.

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