How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Organically? Easy YouTube Video Marketing

How to grow your YouTube Channel organically

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In recent years, video marketing has certainly expanded in popularity and accessibility for organizations. While well-known platforms like Twitter and Facebook, as well as your website, are worthwhile investments, creating a YouTube channel may be the most successful way to market your company, as one billion people view videos on the network every day.

Now, the question that arises here is how to grow your YouTube channel? or how to start a YouTube channel?

If you know a few tricks and understand the basics of generating creative videos, YouTube, the world’s “second-largest search engine,” can help people find and engage with your content rapidly. Here are the most effective ways to grow your YouTube channel.

Create videos based on a single undiscovered Video keyword:

The easiest strategy to attract traffic and grow your YouTube following is to focus your video on a specific topic or keyword.

Marketers who are unfamiliar with SEO may overlook this phase in the video ranking process, but it is critical to include it if you want your videos to reach as many people as possible.  Look for the most searched phrases in the niche you want to target using a keyword tool, which is specific to YouTube.

It’s critical to choose your keyword before you start creating video content because it will help you build the greatest material possible around that issue. It also aids in remembering to insert your keyword naturally throughout the content so that closed captions can be added to YouTube. 

Once you’ve decided on a keyword, look at the top-ranking videos for that topic to ensure you’re on the right track in terms of intent, and always optimize your title and description. You will produce more search traffic with SEO on YouTube if you do this.


Reuse High-Performance Content to grow your YouTube channel:

Creating and distributing unique content is, of course, the greatest method to grow your YouTube channel

However, that content does not always have to be created from the scratch. Some of your best videos can be made from existing content that is engaging, valuable, useful, and actionable. Posting content that solves problems for your audience is an excellent method to increase traffic. 

Conduct a content audit to identify high-performing blogs, manuals, and other content that you already have and consider how to repurpose it into relevant and exciting videos.


Connect with your audience:

It’s important not to lose sight of the fact that YouTube is a social media platform that requires interaction. If you merely post videos without encouraging discussion and comments, you’re missing out.

YouTube recognizes and rewards channels with high levels of engagement, which includes total time spent on the channel, watch time, likes and dislikes, and, most significantly, comments. So, if at all possible, respond to every comment you receive and urge users to interact using audio/visual suggestions.

You can also engage with other channels, which could be a company that is comparable to yours or simply one that you admire. Don’t always rely on the audience to initiate the conversation. By asking questions relating to the material or just asking what content they like to see on your channel or would like to see more of, you may increase engagement. 

Also, remember to appreciate anyone who has shared your content on YouTube and other platforms.


Make your presence known to grow your YouTube channel:

So, while your material may be amazing, does your channel appear to be attractive? You must appear professional if you want visitors to take your YouTube channel seriously and subscribe.

Improving your company’s social branding will help users recognize your content more quickly. So, if you have a blog or a website, you probably already have a look and feel that sets you apart from other people and/or businesses. So it’s only natural to extend that identity to your YouTube channel and try to grow your YouTube channel.

Aside from visual branding, don’t forget to include personalized URLs in your channel header and create an interesting bio about yourself and your videos.


Think out of the box and generate brilliant ideas:

To begin with, make sure your channel has a central subject.

Your channel’s core subject must be enjoyable. Not only to you but also to a bored audience. You have to anticipate that when a new viewer clicks on a video, they are not completely excited and will click away at any given time. So you need to make sure to keep them on the video. It has to be thrilling! You’ll need to come up with some fantastic ideas.


Do a thorough research work of keywords:

The first step is to conduct a content analysis to discover whether anyone else is working on something which is the same.

Are there any videos with more than a million views? If yes, then you’ve discovered a profitable niche! how many subscribers are needed to earn money on youtube The YouTube algorithm is used to rank videos in search results. With a huge volume of new information flowing in and out, the top page is usually quite competitive.

In a highly competitive category, a video seldom stays on the front page for long. But, more crucially, getting to the top of the YouTube search bar for any given category should not be your primary goal. Naturally, this could happen with your popular videos, but you should instead concentrate on bringing them into recommendations. 

The majority of traffic to the most successful channels comes from recommendations. I’ve included a whole section below on how to gain more views on YouTube, which ties into how to get recommended.

I wouldn’t recommend entering a niche if there is no demand. Even if your idea is unique, you will almost certainly be able to identify some successful content that is comparable to yours. Perhaps even in a different field.


Create titles that will entice people to click:

Clickbait is frequently criticized. The truth is that clickbait is only clickbait when the content doesn’t match the title or isn’t as fantastic as the title suggests. 

Don’t be scared to use slight clickbait names as long as you have fantastic content to back it up! When it comes to good content, no one ever complains.  And YouTube has gotten fairly effective at recognizing when a title doesn’t fit the substance of a video and penalizes that video by no longer recommending it.


Increase the length of your video:

Because the YouTube algorithm places a strong emphasis on view duration and audience retention, you’ll need to create a killer combination of the two.

YouTube will reward you with views if you can get a high retention rate with longer watch time videos. This is because YouTube is solely interested in one thing: serving advertisements. More adverts can be placed in longer videos. Longer videos are more likely to be watched. As a result, if your films are longer and have a high retention rate, YouTube will highlight them in the suggested and browse features.

Hope this article helps you to grow your youtube channel.

Please do share your comments in the comment section and share with us your experience in starting your youtube channel.

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