Top 4 Secrets To Make Your Instagram Reels Go Viral And Boost Engagement

Instagram reels

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Instagram reels

Reels is one of Instagram’s newest features, and today it needs no introduction. The main advantage of Reels is brand recognition. It will allow your work to appear on the Explore page as well as a never-ending stream of Reels. 

When your content appears on the Explore and Reels tab, it reaches people who might not otherwise be exposed to your brand.

And guess what? Today, in this article, you are going to get the suggestions and advice of one of the top expert Instagrammers, Tanisha Bhansali.

Before we get into the topic, I would like to give a very brief introduction to Tanisha. Tanisha, an Instagram coach, and consultant based out of Visakhapatnam are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their Instagram community using various options like Instagram reels. 

She had been to Chennai before and completed her studies there. 22-year-old Tanisha has more than 135,000 followers and an engaged community on Instagram. This article contains her secret hacks through which you can also do the same.

I have already said at the very outset of this article why reels matter so much. And I can’t emphasize enough the importance of it. Anyway, without wasting any more time, let’s get straight into it.


Why Are Reels A Must-Have Strategy?


Instagram reels


Reels acquired a lot of traction rapidly, and many firms have already begun to use them to improve their Instagram presence. Reels may help marketers get more people to interact with their brands and brands to be seen, and they have the chance to be popular on the platform.

As a result, if you’re wanting to expand your brand’s online exposure, Instagram Reels is certainly worth a look.

Although social media networks are continually changing, they will forever be quite popular. Reels are a quick and easy way to provide advice, teach, motivate, relate, and engage with others.

Short video form content is going to be the future of Instagram as it builds a better connection with the audience. And the most important fact is that the Instagram algorithm itself loves to promote reels. So there’s no better way to grow on Instagram than with reels.


The Basics of Shooting a Reel

First of all, I want you to understand that making professional reels doesn’t require heavy investments. You can start with a very minimal setup. Hence, you have the chance of getting high engagement and reach without spending much.


Instagram reels

A tripod is an important piece of equipment to have on hand when making Instagram reels. It’s crucial to be able to record anywhere and from any angle, and a flexible tripod can help you do that. 

A solid tripod will assist in controlling the camera’s movements and preventing shaking, making it easier to shoot higher-quality video footage. Mobile tripods are also extremely inexpensive. You can choose any one of the good quality tripods.

Ring Light (Optional)

Instagram reels

A ring light illuminates a subject in a soft, direct manner, minimizing shadows. Place the camera lens in the centre of the ring when utilizing a ring light; this ensures that your subject is lit equally from the camera’s direction.

Now the ring light is completely optional. Either you buy a ring light and shoot any time of the day, or shoot in the sunlight. But if you can afford it, I would suggest you buy a ring light as it adds a lot more convenience in the process.


Shooting Hacks to Keep in Mind


Hack #1: Use the Proper Lighting

Ensure that your face is well-lit and free of shadows. To accomplish this, you may need to move or relocate your light sources. Stand against the light so that an ample amount of light falls on your face.

For a low-budget solution, try to shoot with windows behind you and the sunlight coming on your face. If it’s possible, use natural light. If not, there are numerous low-cost ring light options available.

Hack #2: High-Quality Video


Instagram reels


A high-quality video shows your audience that you can create persuasive content, and we all know how much people appreciate that. They’re more likely to believe in a service that conducts itself professionally from beginning to end. Instagram also promotes high-quality videos.

At the end of the day, it’s not so much what you provide as to how you deliver it. We all want the services we choose to appear professional since it ensures that the firm we choose to do business with genuinely cares about us as customers.

Hack #3: Keep Your Face Close to the Camera

While shooting a reel, you need to remember that you do not go too far away from the camera. Stay close to the camera so that most of your body is visible on screen. Yes, in some exceptional cases (like shooting a dance video), you might want to avoid this tip.

Hack #4: Pay Attention To Your Outfit

You should be aware of your clothing while shooting a reel. Your outfit should be pretty simple so that the visibility of the video remains intact. If you wear a gorgeously printed shirt, it can distract the audience.

On the other hand, printed outfits also often hamper the visibility of the texts that appear on the reel. Hence, pick plain outfits while shooting the reel.

Hack #5: Avoid Background Distractions


Instagram reels


Background distraction is one of the worst things for your viral reel. So you must also be careful about the background while shooting reels. A messy or unorganized background can make the audience look away from you and look at the background instead.

Hence, find ways to eliminate background distractions. Moving the camera is the simplest way to fix an unsightly background. Many background concerns can be solved by just shifting the direction of the shot by a few degrees.


4 Secrets to Creating Viral Reels


1. Make Use Of A Hook

The hook is the element of a video that will pique viewers’ interest, such as when you’ve done or said something shocking or thrilling, etc.

Thousands of reels are published every day, so the content must be engaging to go viral. Add a personal touch to make it stand out and make it one-of-a-kind. The initial few seconds (say, 3-5 seconds) of a video are crucial in attracting the interest of the audience. 

As a result, it’s critical to make them stand out from the start. Customers need to know in a matter of seconds whether a video is interesting, exciting, or shocking enough for them to watch the entire thing.

You can also use a catchy title to hook the audience. To generate catchy titles,

  • Use words such as secret, top, best, etc.
  • Instil FOMO (fear of missing out) in your audience.
  • Use numbers wherever you feel it’s possible.

Example: Here are 5 Secret Reel Hacks You Shouldn’t Miss.

Instagram tracks how long people invest in looking at your material and how often they interact with it. So, whether it’s Reels, IGTV, feed videos, or whatever, you want viewers to stay for the entire video you upload.

Structure your movies so that the hook comes first, and then the video starts from the beginning. The rest of the content will be presented after they have been drawn in. 

2. “Read Caption To Know” Hack

As mentioned earlier, Instagram keeps track of how long people spend looking at your content and how often they interact with it. So, the more people spend time on your reel, the more you will benefit.

According to many content creators, preparing a new post is the most difficult component of the content creation process. 

Unfortunately, that is not the case! What comes next is the most difficult part of having a successful Instagram account: reaching out to new people and getting them to look at your images and read your captions.

But if you can wittily use the phrase “Read the caption” in your reel, the audience will read it. You may use the FOMO technique here also. 

A broad concept can’t be described in 15 seconds. And the audience also understands it. So, if you ask your viewers to read the caption to know more about the topic, they will. 

But you must write the caption carefully so that they don’t get bored and leave your reel without reading the whole caption. The combination of “a good reel” and “a good caption” can do wonders!!

The most important component of your caption is the first line of your caption! The first line is what your audience notices initially. It’s as if you’re making a first impression on them. Keep it in mind and go ahead.

3. Right Time, Right Trend


Instagram reels


Yes, there’s a right time for any particular trend. You need to understand that to play this game efficiently. Don’t use every possible trending song; it won’t help. 

Open one of the Reels videos and scroll down to see what more is available. Other reels with famous songs will continue to be recommended by the Instagram algorithm.

Different types of accounts exist for each of us. You may own a company. Your brand might not be appropriate for the current reels of hit songs.

However, some songs are well-known in your sector. Check out Hashtag Pages for tracks that better complement your brand. Choose a hashtag that is relevant to the content of your posts or the nature of your business.

Applying these tricks, you can find the current trending music. Use them.

4. Content Is King


Instagram reels


Marketers like to use a common saying when it comes to marketing. The slogan “Content Is King,” popularised by Bill Gates, has become a catchphrase.

You must develop great content these days if you want to be successful in promoting your products or services. People like content marketing because it’s more about the customer than about marketing or the company.

But wait. Why am I discussing marketing concepts in a blog related to Instagram reels?

It’s very simple. Be it Instagram or any other social media, be it reels or a simple carousel post, content is everything. If the content of your reel is not powerful, nothing is going to happen.

Therefore, at the end of the day, you can’t afford to neglect the content.


Batch Create Reels


Instagram reels


Content batching is a time-management method in which you create all of your captions or graphic content in one sitting.

Instead of spending an hour planning, developing, and publishing one Instagram post, you could use that time to write (or “batch”) a whole week’s worth of captions.

This may appear to be more effort, but it is the opposite.

When you use content batching, you can focus your energy on one thing at a time instead of jumping from one thing to the next. You can also prepare material weeks in advance, which makes your social media strategy more unified and less stressful.

Follow these productivity suggestions on your next content batching day to get the most out of your time:

  1. Set a date and time for your batching sessions to occur regularly. You can always keep ahead of your planning by frequently prioritizing them in your calendar.
  2. To ease into a creative flow, break up each of the batching phases. Filming a video requires a different level of creativity than writing a caption. This is why we like to focus on one content batching activity at a time during defined time intervals.
  3. When it comes to content batching, start small. Gradually increase the amount of content you batch each week until you’re ahead. In no time, you’ll be planning weeks ahead of time.

While these content batching strategies may appear daunting at first, they are easier than they appear!

When you batch content for social media, you may save time, plan more effectively, and create more material that your audience enjoys when you save time.



Reels are a great way for a business owner or social media marketer to supplement their Instagram content strategy, which includes posts, stories, IGTV, and their shop. Because Instagram Reels aren’t crude, the algorithm prefers this new sort of material over regular video.

Video content is popular among marketers and social media users alike. 17 percent of marketers rank video marketing as the second most effective ad type, followed by Instagram Stories (16 percent).

Instagram Reels are another great way to share video content with your followers. When you combine your Reels with Stories, IGTV, and regular posts, you’ll be able to take your Instagram growth to new heights.

Please let us know your opinions in the comment section and let us know how this piece of our content of ours on Instagram reels has helped you in increasing your reach and boosting engagement.

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