4+ Ways To Overcome Career Roadblocks And Achieve Success

Overcome Career Roadblocks

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overcome career roadblocks

In the career of an entrepreneur, people have to go through a lot of challenges. That’s why you need industry experts’ ideas and suggestions to overcome career roadblocks. So, in this article, we’ve shared the valuable insights of Loren Fogelman on business success.

When you’re on a quest to make an impact, getting stuck, avoiding mistakes, and fighting with slow progress can be unpleasant. Loren Fogelman, the founder of Business Success Solution, is a therapist-turned-business coach who helps people fix their problems.

Loren is a world-renowned success expert who has created a five-step strategy for entrepreneurs to get from moderate to outrageous success.

Loren has been recognized by the Los Angeles Times as a high-performance consultant who helps entrepreneurs grow along with their businesses, constantly attaining milestones they previously only dreamed were attainable. 

Loren is also an author who wrote books on business success, including The Winning Point and The Success Solution.

Loren speaks to a variety of audiences, including entrepreneurs and professionals, about how to take action and succeed by teaching dependable ideas that lead to major business success.

In the conversation with Loren, she opened up about many aspects of business career challenges. Let’s discuss those.

What Approach Should We Have To Overcome Career Roadblocks?


overcome career roadblocks


We all know that finding ideal clients is fundamental to any business. An ideal client is someone who finds the ideal solution to their issues or needs in your company’s services or products. 

The ideal client is loyal to your company, utilizes or purchases your products or services regularly, and is likely to refer you to their friends and colleagues.

But, Loren’s approach is a bit different. According to her, we should chase high-ticket clients instead of any random potential customer. And that makes sense.

Once you detect your target customer, pitch them to them and start working with them. Have conversations with them. It is very important to have conversations with your clients. Only through this, can you see the whole scenario from their perspective. Only through conversations will you be able to figure out their real problem.

That’s the secret. You need to detect exactly where they are stuck and help them overcome the obstacle. Once you successfully do that, things start to change. They recommend you to others, and thus you overcome the headache of hunting for clients.

If the clients receive a positive outcome, you can establish yourself as an expert. If you are a real problem solver, clients are going to automatically come to you after a certain point in time. 

But to overcome career roadblocks, you also need to notice how much you are benefiting from working with your clients. After all, it’s all business. You are supposed to have a good profit margin. 

How To Find Ideal Clients


overcome career roadblocks


Some effective techniques can be applied to find your ideal clients. Here are some tips:

  • An ideal client is someone who wants to hire you and has the financial resources to do so. They’re already familiar with your services and products and see how they might benefit from them. This type of consumer is more likely to come through a recommendation or word-of-mouth marketing from your existing clientele.
  • If you want to go a little deeper, ask yourself what your ideal client reads. What do they look up on Google? What kind of information are they looking for? Do they use Facebook or LinkedIn to communicate? You can easily find them if you know where they are and what they are looking for. That’s a common hack!
  • Don’t get too worked up if you haven’t found your perfect client yet. It’s unlikely that you’ll meet all of the right individuals all at once. So, before expanding to others, look into your existing network and build a good relationship with them. Networking is a great tactic to understand people’s needs, increase sales, and ultimately overcome career roadblocks in business.
  • Understanding what your ideal customer wants to accomplish will help you put together effective marketing content. Hence, they determine their objectives.
  • People buy for one of two reasons: they want to fulfil a desire, or they have an issue that has to be fixed. You’ll likely be in great demand if you can identify a problem that your target client is currently facing and bridge the gap between their problem and a solution.
  • If you make every effort to serve everyone, you will end up serving no one. Some people genuinely require and value what you have to give and are eager to purchase from you right now.

How To Figure Out Where Your Target Client Is Spending Time?


overcome career roadblocks


Tracking the target audience is where the game starts. So, if you fail to analyze this, your success may elude you. Entrepreneurs use different methods to find their targeted customers. Some use tools and demographics, while others look into social media platforms.

But how should you do it? Here are some most effective traditional ways:

  • To understand further about your clients, consider Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a powerful tool for gathering demographic information about your audience as well as their interests. Remember from earlier that this is crucial information for locating a target audience. You may observe website insights with Google Analytics, which are divided into groups such as age, gender, and geography. These areas are marked on the dashboard, and there are graphs to help you understand them.
  • Create a reader persona to help you target blog content. You’ll never forget who you’re writing for by using reader personas. Reader personas are good because you should match them closely to your buyer persona; they should be almost the same. This is because the content on your blog should be valuable to your readers. Marketers, for example, are likely to be interested in reading blogs about digital media. It improves your company’s consumer reputation.

overcome career roadblocks

  • Social media analytics is also a clever way to identify the target audience. Because each social media site is unique and has a distinct audience, it’s critical to examine your metrics across all channels. For instance, Twitter, for instance, caters to a younger demographic than Facebook, which caters to an older demographic. Twitter, on the other hand, is all about short-form content, but Facebook lets you post longer content and videos.
  • Your social media audience is likely to overlap with that of your competitors. As a result, it’s worth looking into what they’re up to so you can benefit from what they’ve already learned. You can do it using tools like Buzzsumo that can assist you in locating a list of the most popularly shared material across social media networks, as well as interaction data. Keep an eye out for patterns. What formats and channels have your competitors found to be successful?

These are some of the few tricks that you can use to find what you are looking for. Make sure you apply as many techniques as you can so that your data becomes solid. To overcome career roadblocks in business, you must know where your target customer is hanging out.

How To Communicate And Solve Your Client’s Problem Properly


overcome career roadblocks


Selling is all about solving problems for clients, whether they’re problems they’re having now or problems they’ll be having as their marketplace changes and their needs change. 

To solve your client’s problem, you just need to start by addressing the problem that they are not able to find. Then, the process proceeds further. Let me elaborate.

Identify The Client’s Problem

It may seem paradoxical if you don’t already have a strategy in place for recognizing your consumers’ issues. After all, your customer service personnel are probably already overworked, and every issue you uncover adds to their workload.

However, deciding to be more proactive in resolving your consumers’ issues is simple. It’s a little more difficult to know where to start.

Simply asking your clients about their problems is the simplest way to learn about their problems. Customer surveys are the simplest way to accomplish this.

It’s critical to have a simple system in place for recording and categorizing consumer feedback, regardless of the methods you use to collect it. After all, gathering survey data and other forms of feedback is only useful if you use them.

When your consumers or potential customers are unsure about something regarding your products or services, they will contact you for clarification. In many circumstances, all it takes is a single sentence to clear up their misunderstanding. You have to eliminate confusion.

Thus, you must try to properly identify the issues your clients are dealing with. You are only successful if your clients also overcome career roadblocks.

Guide Them


overcome career roadblocks


Agents should offer the most appealing solution to the consumer and offer options wherever possible after the situation has been carefully appraised. When customers face challenging problems, they may believe they made a mistake by putting their faith in a certain brand. 

Giving customers greater service options (better pricing, delivery service, etc.) will make them feel in control again, and they will be more willing to support the business.

Of course, delivering the remedy is the final goal, but it must be done exactly as promised. When a customer makes the effort to contact a company about a problem, they are offering the company a second opportunity. 

As a result, businesses should use these challenges as opportunities to enhance their service and demonstrate to customers that they are deserving of their trust.

Show Your Credibility


overcome career roadblocks


Numerous characteristics can assist you in becoming successful. However, if you’re going to support particular qualities in yourself, you might want to concentrate on those that will establish your credibility.

To make the client respond well, you must establish yourself as an authority figure or industry expert. Only then will better communication happen.

You must first build trust, then earn trust, and finally obtain trust in order to develop credibility. If people like you, they will trust you, and if they trust you, they will do business with you.

Become an expert in your field, someone who can assess a situation and offer a variety of solutions. Be confident in your abilities so that others know you’re the one they can trust.

To establish credibility, you must be responsible for your decisions and actions. If you make a mistake, own up to it and take steps to correct it. Say so if you’re unsure. If you become able to portray yourself as an expert, it would be ten times easier for you to overcome career roadblocks.

Look At The Client’s Potential


overcome career roadblocks


Lastly, you should look at the future potential of your clients. You have detected the problems, guided your clients, and also established yourself as an expert. But at the end of the day, the client’s success is your success.

Despite discovering the issues, many people fail to see the potential. And that leads to no result. Ultimately, unhappy clients leave bad feedback that ruins your reputation.

Therefore, you have to conduct extensive research to correctly identify which strategy could be the most lucrative one for your client. You can follow case studies. 

Case studies play a huge role in avoiding futile plans. When you know someone has already applied a strategy that failed, you avoid that. And that’s how the chances of failure decrease.

So, look at every part of the business and come up with a strategy that will not only impress clients but also boost sales.

Price Your Services Appropriately


overcome career roadblocks


This is a small but very crucial part that many people do not focus on. You can’t retain existing clients and attract new clients if your pricing is inappropriate. Ensure that you fix the price of your services in a way that makes sense for clients to buy.

Here’s a brief guide that will let you know how successful entrepreneurs price their products or services.

  1. The first thing you might do is figure out what each benefits your service gives your clients and figures out how much each one costs.
  2. The next stage is to carry out some basic market research. Look online to see who your competitors are, what they offer, and how much they charge. And then decide accordingly.
  3. If you hire some freelancers to help you, you should also think about how much it will cost you to do so when you price your service.
  4. Ask your clients what they are willing to pay and why to obtain a feel of the value of the service you provide. Customer feedback definitely plays a huge role in it. 
  5. Every 5–6 months, you should evaluate your price. As a result, you’ll be able to keep up with market changes and adjust prices to reflect your costs and changes in your marketplace.


The entrepreneurial journey is not easy. It’s kind of bumpy. Sometimes you are pretty well off, and sometimes you go through some serious problems. But at the end of the day, it’s nothing tough to overcome career roadblocks if you stay consistent and work passionately.

This was a little attempt to give you some insights into various important aspects of the business. As a budding entrepreneur, everyone should abide by the advice of top industry experts. And as you already know, these valuable insights are coming from an expert who has not only built her own business but also helped many others to do the same.

Don’t forget to comment down below about your thoughts on this. If you found this helpful, you can also leave a positive comment that will motivate us. Otherwise, you can also write if you have any suggestions for us.

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