How to use digital marketing to make your coaching business grow?

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I have a friend that is my fire brigade. Whenever I have any problem, I go to him and not me only. Everybody who knows him always looks upon him for guidance in life. And once over a cup of coffee, I said to him, “Vijay, why don’t you start your own life coaching business?”

And he said, “Avi, no one knows me except my friends and family who are going to be my clients and pay just for getting advice.” 

It’s not him, many people who have the ability to make this world a better place by guiding other humans have no idea that they can monetize their gifts by helping others live a better life. 

There are two reasons for this. Firstly these people that no one pays for getting advice and secondly they believe that they don’t have enough circle to get regular sales. 

I busted his first myth by showing him how people like Tony Robbins, Jay Shetty, Grant Cardone, and Vivek Bindra are making crores only through their coaching and mentoring services. 

But he was still like “Avi, no one knows me. Then why should I put my efforts in something that cannot give me a return on investment? There are so many life coaches already who don’t have enough business.” To this, I replied, “Vijay, there is enough business. The only problem is people like you and other life coaches don’t know how to leverage digital marketing.” 

I explained to him that he didn’t need to know people, people need to know him and then I shared this step-by-step guide to digital marketing to get known for coaches.

Making an online presence using social media

Having a healthy online presence on social media is the most crucial part of digital marketing. Social media is the most accessible and most wide platform to reach your target audience. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn have a very high reach. You can get lots of leads that can pay you for your service by using these platforms. 

To get establish an impactful social media presence follow the steps ahead:

  1. Create an optimized profile for social media:
    It is very important that if you want to leverage social media for getting sales and business, you must create your profiles in accordance with that only. Your profile should communicate with your audience in itself about what you do and why you do.

    For example, my Instagram bio says, “StreetCar Racer🏎, Now a SocialMedia Marketer 👨🏻‍💻, Get Known, Get Leads, Get Sales 🎯, Helping Entrepreneurs & Coaches:

    This in itself tells anyone who comes to my Instagram profile what I was doing, what I do now, and for whom I am doing it. You also need an optimized bio like this.
  2. Selecting your social media channels:
    Anyone who is just starting out on social media in order to market their business has this one confusion, “Where should I start?”

    I even see people getting overwhelmed by the name of creating content for so many social media channels. However, it is not as difficult as people assume. You only have to follow the right steps:

    1. Start by choosing the social media channel where your customers love to spend their time. For example, if you are selling any B2B service that only CEOs can purchase, LinkedIn is the best social media channel for you. 
    2. Then start planning the content that you are going to post on your social media channels. It is one of the best practices in social media marketing to plan your content in advance. If you have your content calendar ready it almost takes half the time to create content and shoot videos.
    3. Repurpose your old or long-form content. You can turn your 10 minutes YouTube video into Instagram reels or TikToks. Also, you can repurpose your blogs into social media posts.
    4. Be consistent. I can’t emphasize anymore on this. Being consistent on social media is the most vital factor in creating authority in your niche. 


  1. Join relevant groups in your niche:
    Social media is all about reaching the right people and engaging with them by providing useful content. And joining Facebook groups and other communities that serve content similar to your niche is crucial.

    Moreover, if you are starting from scratch this can give you an exponential shift in your career. As if you are starting from scratch you have to create your audience, whereas these groups already nurture the audience that you are looking for. Therefore actively participating in these groups will help you gain some traction.

Start your blog to establish your authority.

Blogs are the most underrated but effective ways to drive traffic to your website. People still love reading blogs and getting lots of information from blogs. 

If you want to make your coaching business more recognizable and famous, writing a blog on your micro-niche topics will help you to build authority. Blogs are like digital documentation of your knowledge. 

Blogs will make your audience wide, and they will also increase the engagement and traffic for your website. 

The blog is the best way of digital marketing; with the help of blogs, you can get a chance to convince readers to buy your coaching classes because if they like your blog content, there is a chance that they can buy your coaching classes. 

It’s important to write high-quality blogs with actual knowledge and not just fake information. It’s important to write about real-world problems that can happen. Avoid writing about hypothetical situations.

Also, blogs help you to appear in Google search results, thus it builds your authority.

Launch your website

In today’s world, a website is the most crucial part of any business. It doesn’t matter whether your business is online or physical; everyone needs a high-quality website with complete information about its services and terms and conditions. 

Always keep a section for blogs on your website. It helps you to get more traffic.

Also, people get attracted more when you have a website because a website is like having a showroom in a big mall called Google where you can showcase your products, service, testimonials, and whatnot.

By having a website you don’t need to tell everything to each client because the basic information about you and your business is always on your site. Having all your social media links and clients’ testimonials in one place will make your image more impactful and impressive. 

You can create your high-quality and professional-looking websites by using software like WordPress and Wix.

Optimize your website correctly.

SEO is another part of digital marketing that helps in successfully running a business. Search engine optimization helps your website get a good rank on Google when a person searches for your topic. 

If you optimize your website correctly, every time a person searches for your case, your website may appear on the first rank on Google. 

To optimize your website correctly, you need to identify what keywords and phrases your target audience searches for. And you have to put all those keywords and phrases on your websites’ homepage and in blogs. 

But all these good changes happen if you have the correct URL, hyperlink, and metatags for your website. With the right Search engine optimization, your website will receive more traffic, which will result in more leads than any other paid or unpaid channel of advertising.

E-mail marketing

E-mail still generates the highest ROI when compared to other social media channels.  The majority of people love to receive the latest information and offers in their inboxes. Thus they regularly check out their inboxes.

People still subscribe to newsletters, and that is quite amazing. For example, you can use an e-mail newsletter to keep your clients updated about your new programs and to keep them engaged with your brand. 

E-mail marketing is very appropriate for different occasions. You can send e-mails regarding your latest offers, new coaching classes and many more.

The biggest flex of e-mails is that you can personalize it according to your audience and every single person on your list. You can send your clients and customers birthday wishes, special occasion wishes, and many more.

Also, personalized mails gain more attention from readers. Thus, emails provide you an opportunity to directly get on a one-on-one with your prospective clients.

You can reach your target audience

Digital marketing makes it very easy to reach your target audience through various platforms like social media, e-mail, blogs, and websites. 

While with the traditional method, it is difficult to find an audience interested in your business. You can directly make contact with your target audience with the help of content delivered through digital marketing. 

Moreover, it allows you to create connections with a broader audience as the internet has no boundaries and you can reach regional, national, and international audiences. 

Paid advertising for reaching the targeted audience

Apart from all the above methods, you can also leverage Fb ads, Google ads, and YouTube ads to reach your target audience in a more prominent way. While creating organic content is a good way to publicize your brand, ads give it a boost and help you to reach your audience faster.


Also, ads help you to scale your business faster than organic content. While organic content helps you to establish a brand, ads drive sales which are the lifeline of businesses. 


If you want to scale your coaching business using digital marketing, then follow the step-by-step road map given below:

  1. Establish your online presence using social media and use it to build your brand. 
  2. Create content that resonates with your audience.
  3. Make your website and publish a blog there. Blogs help you to appear in search results and establish your authority in your respective niche.
  4. Leverage search engine optimization to appear more in Google search engine results. 
  5. Use email marketing to give a personalized touch to your marketing efforts.
  6. Scale your business with paid ads to reach a targeted audience.


These are some simple steps that if you implement strategies you can also start and scale your online coaching business and help thousands of people live a better life.


We are all here to make this planet a better place for living and coaches make sure that this purpose is fulfilled by solving specific problems for people. If you are also thinking about starting your online coaching business which problem would you solve for people, let us know in the comment section.

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