Use LinkedIn For Leads And Sales in 2022: Learn From Expert

LinkedIn for leads and sales

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So, Finally, the day has arrived when we’ll discuss various aspects of LinkedIn. It has always been a dear social media platform to me. And now that we have a LinkedIn specialist with us, my eagerness to share knowledge has reached new heights. Keep reading to know how you can use LinkedIn for leads and sales.

Vaibhav Sisinty, the founder of the Growth School which develops high-value Cohort oriented programs on personal and career advancement, is a development hacker by vocation and a creative entrepreneur by heart. His course has helped thousands uplevel their game. Hence, his suggestions can help you as well.

This post is essentially a chat with Vaibhav in which he addressed all of our community members’ questions. Some of the key questions that are the common challenges of all are being shared here. 

use LinkedIn for leads and sales

People want to learn from people who they want to become. And I think every business owner wants to leverage LinkedIn and generate more leads from it. The presence of experts distinguishes this network from other online media networks. It’s the best policy to promote your business on a platform where only professional people hang out. Isn’t it?

I always say to people that there’s one simple rule to become successful. The one rule that many entrepreneurs followed, the one rule that I also followed, and am still following: “Have the intent to never give up.”

You know, the blueprint of success can be found a lot. The greatest entrepreneurs can share a blueprint. But the blueprint of success never gives you success. It’s only the execution that matters. You do not put things into action; instead, you remain locked in one place for the rest of your life. Simple.

Let’s get started with today’s talk now that we’ve established some incentives. As said above, Vaibhav answered a lot of questions and doubts, so, this blog will be in the question-answer format.



Q1. If you are a digital marketing agency owner (or any other business owner), how do you get clients from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn now has 766 million users and receives 55 job applications every second.

LinkedIn is a great social network for discovering and connecting with leads and clients. It is commonly considered a network for job hunting and recruitment, but it is also an excellent social network for discovering and connecting with leads and clients.

So how do you do that? Here are some simple steps:

use LinkedIn for leads and sales


Step 1

LinkedIn truly provides you with a platform to showcase your abilities. Because your profile serves as your business card, make sure it portrays you in the best light possible.

Pretend that certain clients will decide whether or not to hire you solely on the basis of your profile. The following information should be included in your profile:

  • A high-quality headshot
  • A professional title that is accurate as well as concise.
  • A bespoke banner with a professional appearance
  • A synopsis that highlights your skills and expertise
  • Content in your portfolio that displays what you can do for your clients is essential.

When you finish projects, learn new abilities, or gain qualifications, don’t forget to update your profile. This is true not only for your personal profile but also for your company page.


Step 2

Lead creation on LinkedIn necessitates a thorough understanding of your target market, so start by brainstorming typical names that your target market might use to define themselves. Finding prospects to interact with online will be a critical element of the process.

These titles have something to do with their profession. An example would be a CEO, accountant, VP of sales, human resources specialist, etc.

Once you’ve identified a few titles that you’d like to target for new leads, you can quickly locate them using one of two methods:

  • Advanced LinkedIn Search
  • Groups on LinkedIn

Consider the following questions:

  • What kind of clientele requires the expertise you can offer?
  • What types of clientele do you prefer to work with?

At the crossroads of both responses, you’ll find your ideal clients. Before you begin your search (and as you begin to filter through potential leads), write down as many details about your target clientele as you can.

What do they do for a living? What types of businesses do they work for, and what industries do they work in? Do they reside in a specific area?

Making marketing personas will help you gain a more complete image of your ideal clientele, which will make it easier to find them on LinkedIn.


Step 3

Examine the groups that your prospects have joined. Start joining the most relevant groups that meet the target population you’re looking for if you aren’t already a member of groups that your prospects are a part of. You have the option of joining up to 50 groups.

Although not everyone uses LinkedIn Groups when you find a prospect who is, it’s a great method to get on their radar while also exhibiting your experience and credibility.


Step 4

Finally, your success on LinkedIn will be determined by your daily commitment to following the steps outlined here. Through your proactive efforts, you will begin to draw a constant stream of your ideal clients by consistently adding targeted connections to your network and growing your reputation as an authority in your sector.



Q2. How and why can one use LinkedIn Ads?


use LinkedIn for leads and sales

LinkedIn could be the answer if you’re seeking a new approach to producing traffic, leads, and customers, particularly if you’re in the B2B space. According to research from 2018, up to 65 percent of B2B marketers obtained consumers through LinkedIn ads.

While LinkedIn advertising isn’t as prominent as those on other platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Google, almost every user can view them on a regular basis.

LinkedIn advertising come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The first are adverts in the sidebar. These are modest, text-based, and include a single square image.

Sponsored content is the next type. These are similar to Facebook’s news feed advertising in that they appear in the LinkedIn feed in the same way that Facebook ads do.

As a final option, sponsored InMail is available. This is effectively paid private messaging with the ability to target highly precise audiences.

So, you see, there are a hell lot of reasons behind why you should use LinkedIn ads. But the next obvious question is how. Right?

The cost per lead on FB ads is Rs 100, at that time for the same product/service, the cost per lead on LinkedIn can be Rs 350/Rs 400. You can use,

  • Sponsored Content
  • Sponsored Messaging
  • Text Ads
  • Dynamic Ads

You must follow certain processes in order to run LinkedIn advertising:

  1. If you don’t already have one, set up a LinkedIn page. To develop Sponsored Content and Sponsored Messaging Ads, you’ll need this. If you need help getting started, check out our LinkedIn for Business guide.
  2. Create an account or log in to Campaign Manager. All of your advertising operations, such as running campaigns and monitoring your budget, will be managed through the Campaign Manager platform, also known as LinkedIn’s ad manager.
  3. Determine who you want to reach. You must first select a location, after which you can enter your job title, firm name, industry type, and personal or professional hobbies.
  4. Choose an ad format from the drop-down menu. You can choose from Sponsored Content (single-image, carousel, or video advertisements), Text Ads, or Message Ads, depending on the purpose you choose.
  5. Begin creating your ad and give your payment information.
  6. Performance should be measured. The reporting panel for your LinkedIn advertising (dashboard) is the first thing you’ll see when you sign in to Campaign Manager. You can review performance metrics from here.



Q3. How to reach out to a person on LinkedIn?


use LinkedIn for leads and sales

The simplest way to begin is to ask yourself, “Why would I desire to connect with the individual to whom I am sending an invitation?” Then, in your message, convey that rationale explicitly. Keep your message succinct and to the point. And don’t be afraid to get right to the point. Make each person’s connection request unique.

Sending notes while sending a connection request is a must thing to do. The person may get a bunch of DMs every day. And only those requests that come with a note will attract their attention.

Make the note personalized. Do not think that you can apply one template to everyone. Hence you must be writing genuinely personalized notes. People are always happy when they receive personalised items. On the other hand, the person on the other side will also understand that you are serious about whatever you do and value people.

Try to provide value instead of trying to sell. Make it a conversation and carry on to understand people’s struggles and challenges. Once you understand their problems, you can simply devise a strategy to address them. So, plan to provide value instead of providing your services only.

And most importantly, follow up. One may miss a message or note. But if you keep following up, you will surely come in front of their eyes. Meanwhile, also remember that you should not send spam messages. Do follow up, but also know your limit or how frequently you should do it.



Q4. Can we replicate content from other social media platforms and repurpose it on LinkedIn?


use LinkedIn for leads and sales

Yes, you can do it. For example, don’t stop publishing content on your website or blog. Use LinkedIn to attract visitors to your website. Repurposed content, and re-spun for your LinkedIn audience, should be mixed in with new content.

Don’t copy and paste your entire article the day it goes live. To reach your target audience, use LinkedIn as a distribution channel. You can apply several techniques to do it.


Apply The Following Ideas

Republish your content on LinkedIn after at least two weeks. Don’t be hesitant to reprint evergreen content from the past or rework dated content to make it more current.

Make a new headline for your content. Make a few changes to the material to better suit the target audience and desired objectives. Include a featured image that serves as a thumbnail, as well as pertinent photographs from the content.

To make a series, divide long articles, ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, webinars, podcasts, and interviews into discrete posts. Within each article, include links to other articles.



Some Extra Tips: LinkedIn Automation


use LinkedIn for leads and sales

You can also create a LinkedIn automation system. However, be cautious when doing so. You must guarantee that you are automating everything correctly; else, your account will be blocked. There are several tools that you can use. One of the most popular is Phantom Buster which many entrepreneurs use.

This smart LinkedIn extractor will take a simple LinkedIn account URL and provide a prepared worksheet with all of the account’s available information, including identity, occupation, organisation, education, contact information, and much more.

  • This LinkedIn automation will assist you in the following areas:
  • Scrape your leads’ LinkedIn profiles for improved profile data for your CRM.
  • Find email addresses, whether they’re public or private, and whether they’re personal or professional.
  • Set the Phantom to collect new LinkedIn data in your spreadsheet on a daily basis.

Everything happens in the cloud. It doesn’t require you to have your internet open or your computer turned on in order for it to function. On automation, get your outcomes.





use LinkedIn for leads and sales

LinkedIn is a powerful tool in today’s business space where 4 in every 5 businesses can be found online. You can use it to connect with people in your field and keep in touch with old and new colleagues.

It’s an excellent platform for job hunting and recruiting, as well as keeping up with market news, improving your business image, and increasing the exposure of your brand.

Most importantly, you can grow your network through it. Networking may help you and your company not only get in the door but also legitimise it. 

It might be challenging to attract customers and persuade them to trust you with their time and money when a small firm is just getting started. This is another reason why networking is so vital for business owners.

Do let us know in the comments how much this has been helpful for you. We try to disseminate knowledge regarding every aspect of online business here. We also regularly share many successful entrepreneurs’ advice (just like this blog is based on Dan Miller’s enlightenments) for beginners. We’ll be more than happy if you come back again.

Meanwhile, you can also join our Internet Moguls Of The World School, where we help you to set yourself up for success, learn the key digital business concepts to thrive, and build an online business so that you can have more time for your family, more peace, and more financial freedom.


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