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Launch & Grow Your Online Business in 12 Months With A Proven Step-by-Step Roadmap

Join 542+ individuals who are becoming world-class entrepreneurs!! We will tell you everything that no MBA program can teach you.

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Program Overview

The Business Foundation School

The Internet Moguls of the World School’s Business Foundation School gives you a step-by-step blueprint that helps you to cut the noise in the market and stand out as an authority by giving you:

Niche clarity
Clarity starts from knowing yourself first. Identify your micro-niche and channel your resources to the right people.
Customer Avatar
We never hesitate in front of our friends. Learn how to create a customer avatar that turns your prospects into your friends and then high-paying clients.
Competition Analysis
Competition is name of the game. Learn how you use your competitors to make your offer and services better.
Unique Selling Proposition
Everyone can sell potatoes, the person who sells fries makes the most money out of it. Create USP that makes your product/service unique even when everyone else sells the same thing.
Irresistible offer
You can sell ashes with the right offer; discover the 7-step offer creation technique used by millionaires.
Business Equation
No more shooting arrows in the dark - with Internet Moguls business equation; discover how many leads you need and how many sales you need to live your best life.

The Personal Branding School

The Personal Branding School of Internet Moguls Of The World School works as a north star for everyone who wants to leverage personal branding to increase revenue. It will provide you with a blueprint that turns you from “I to ICONIC” authority in your niche.

The Video Bank
You and we are overwhelmed by the number of ads we came across every day. Instead of ads, create a video bank personally curated by Avi Arya that works as a lead-gen machine for you.
YouTube Rockstar
Most of the creators get millions of views and a fraction of money. Discover how to use YouTube to increase your revenue - Youtube monetization is not the only way.
Instagram Influencer
Everyone is on Instagram, but few have the power to influence. Get Avi Arya’s Instagram Sales Funnel that he uses himself.
Social Media Star
Go beyond getting likes and saves. In Internet Moguls of The World School, find out how serial entrepreneurs use social media to establish thought leadership.
The Pro Podcaster
Sight & Sound function differently in mind, win the ears of the people and their eyes will follow. Become a pro podcaster with Internet Moguls of the World School.
Authority Building
No one negotiates with Doctors due to their authority. Build authority similar to a doctor in your niche. Make people come to you rather than you going to them.

The Sales School

The differentiator between a self-employed person and an entrepreneur is multiple streams of revenue. Internet Moguls of the World School teaches you how to leverage 6 domains of online income:

The Traffic Challenge
Tired of pushing your content to your target audience: Learn how to create a blog that diverts traffic to you. Stop pushing content and make people pull your content to them.
The Marketing ROI challenge
Half of the money spent on ads is wasted. Discover which half you wasted and generate 5X revenue on every rupee spent on ads.
The Webinar launch challenge
Say NO to 1-on-1 cold calling!! Learn how to do mega webinars that bring in thousands of quality leads and get on-the-spot sales.
The Online Course Challenge
Books that are never read are of no worth. Monetize your knowledge, turn strangers into a community, and then community into clients with online courses.
Email Marketer Challenge
Public transport can take you anywhere, but your own vehicle takes you there faster. Stop relying on Facebook and Google for online business. Use emails to generate business.
The Affiliate Marketer Challenge
You don’t need products or services to sell. Spend the time you spend creating your products and services on polishing your sales skills.
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The differentiator between a self-employed person and an entrepreneur is multiple streams of revenue. Internet Moguls of the World School teaches you how to leverage 6 domains of online income:



Thursday Masterclass With Masters

When you enrol for Internet Moguls of The World School, you get exclusive access to 52 sessions by World’s Top Online Business Experts To Upskill You. These masters will prevent you from doing digital disasters. 

Schedule a call today to learn online business from Viraj Kalra, Gaurav Bhagat, Siddharth Rajsekhar, Digital Prateek, Nicholas Arapkiles, Virginia Nussey, Jeff Geronimo and many more…


Buddy Partner System

Entrepreneurship is challenging but you don’t have to face these challenges alone. Internet Moguls of The World School thrives by the power of community and communion.

When you enroll in Internet Moguls of The World School, you will be assigned a Buddy partner who will assist you in completing all of the school’s challenges and tasks. So that you can look up someone at any time.


The Internet Moguls Community

All the members of Internet Moguls Of The World School have access to a premium community moderated by Avi Arya himself. Internet Moguls Community is not your regular Facebook or WhatsApp group where join once and your phone is over loaded with notification of “Good morning Messages.

In this community Avi Arya interacts with the community himself and shares his expert insights and valuable resources everyday.

Here is more to expect…

Get Internet Moguls Success Planner

A comprehensive 12-month plan for online success in any business. This is not a copy-pasted planner. It is created by the C-suite of Internet Moguls who have worked in every industry possible during their digital marketing careers.

Internet Moguls Checklists

No more starting from scratch; get Avi Arya’s GO Live system checklist, Internet Moguls Facebook Ads checklist, Internet Moguls Social media start checklist that guides you on every step of your digital journey.

Unlimited Access To Internet Moguls Exclusive

“How To Never Run Out Of Leads SYSTEM” created by the founders of Internet Moguls Of The World School. Discover three levels of every business and how to generate consistent leads for every step.

No Money Marketing Mastery

Learn how to build a sales funnel out of your organic content that brings leads and sales only using Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube’s organic content.

Email Marketing 101 Guide

Get “Email Marketing 101 Guide,” Internet Moguls exclusive email generation and capture system that helped us to generate an email list of 150K+ emails with least amount of ad spend.

Internet Moguls’s Exclusive Swipe files

“Internet Moguls’s Exclusive Swipe files” the ads and email copies that we use for ourselves.

There more to come yet…


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Half of the money you spend on marketing is wasted, and you don’t know which half.

From today onwards, this will not happen & you will get the exact framework to build and implement a successful marketing plan to get positive ROI on every rupee spend on Marketing.

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