Is Online Business Profitable: 5 Strong Reasons To Say YES!

Is Online Business Profitable: 5 Strong Reasons To Say YES!

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The 2019 Covid situation has hugely impacted all kinds of businesses around the world and has also boosted the online culture. Even businesses that are entirely online have seen tremendous growth and profit in recent times. In this post-Covid world, undeniably, you are missing out largely if your business doesn’t have an online presence. With that said, let us dive deep into it.

Online Business Profitable

Is Online Business Profitable in India in 2022?

Ever since the online business concept has come up, the graph of heading online has only inclined, and many businesses have joined the online world. Whether you’re looking to expand your offline business into the online world or start a completely online business, it’s always beneficial to implement effective marketing strategies.

Not only do the entrepreneurs accept the fact, but also the data has proved that using the internet to elevate your business actually works. That is why business owners are literally crazy about digital marketing these days, and obviously, there are specific reasons behind it. Here are some of the major reasons why transforming into an online business is profitable:

Exposure To A Large Number Of Customers:

Probably the biggest advantage of coming online is the visibility to a wide range of people. Whether you have a service-based business or a product-based business, you will be far ahead of your other local competitors. Though in digital marketing, you are supposed to supervise a bunch of other things in order to make sales. 

But definitely, you will have the privilege of making people aware of your existence. Innovative marketing concepts are often born from a need, and online marketing is no exception. The primary edge is that you become able to eliminate the limitations and boundaries of traditional marketing when you use the power of the internet. 

Focusing Only On The Targeted Customers:


Online Business Profitable


It enables you to target particular customers or clients who are relevant to your business. Based on the numerous data called demographics, you can choose whom to target. It can be any particular age group of people belonging to any specific region. 

For example, if you are a product-based business owner who sells books for school students. So you know that people who study in college or do a job are not your ideal clients. You know only a particular age group is the most relevant people for your job. Just like this, you can also customize your ad campaigns if you want to target only a particular region. And the options are not limited to these only. There are a lot!

Cost Management:

Doing offline or traditional advertisements wastes unnecessary money. Rather if you focus on digital marketing, you will be greatly facilitated. For example, let us take the above-said instance.

If you are opting for traditional marketing strategies, probably you will give a newspaper advertisement. But that will not be relevant to all the people who use newspapers. So, a part of your money is being wasted. Instead, running social media ads can be a smart technique as there are hardly any people who do not use social media nowadays, especially youngsters like school students. Besides, your money will not be wasted showing ads to irrelevant people as well.

But how will digital marketing aid you if there is no website for your business? Therefore the online presence of your trade is obligatory for scaling it properly and strategically.

Effective Relationship Building:


Online Business Profitable


Compared to traditional marketing, online marketing enables you to establish stronger relationships with your ideal customers. Through online campaigns, you consistently show up to your customers. Once they are converted into leads, you can regularly engage with them through content. 

Marketers apply both organic and inorganic strategies for this. A balanced combination of both, however, is probably the most suitable one. You can use online methods to attract new clients, coworkers, and influencers while also strengthening your existing ties.

Greater Profits & Faster Growth:

On average, companies that have online marketing campaigns are often more profitable than those that do not. According to studies, until around 20% of prospects are obtained online, profitability remains relatively constant. However, beyond 20%, profitability and the number of leads generated digitally start to climb gradually.

Similarly, Businesses’ expansion rates increase in lockstep with the percentage of leads generated digitally, until 40% or more of leads are generated online. Companies that generated anywhere between 40% and 59% of their leads online developed four times higher than the rate of companies that did not create any online leads.


What Kind of Online Businesses Are Most Profitable?


Online Business Profitable


There is no definite answer to this question because it depends on many factors. It depends on how effectively you market your products or services and how well you execute the right strategies. Every online business, small or large, old or new, needs to take care of its digital marketing plans. Getting worried after reading this? Don’t worry. Digital marketing is not as difficult as you think it is to be.

The simplest solution to this biggest headache is to hire a good marketer who would help you with your digital marketing challenges. A marketing professional can make strategies for your marketing campaigns. You can also go to agencies that can help you with not only strategizing things but also fulfilling the content requirements. Simply, they are your one-stop solution for the marketing of your business.

By now, you know that any business can thrive online with the correct advice and guidance. You can do the market research all by yourself as well, and learn the necessary skills that will help you to uplift your business. In simple words, beating the competition is the real challenge online; once you do it, you are the boss!

How Much Money Do Online Businesses Make?


Online Business Profitable


Any individual would like to know the earning potential of any profession before venturing into it. When it comes to business, especially online, the sky is the limit depending on your ability to scale that business correctly. 

For instance, freelancing is the current online trend. So, talking about the freelancing business, a freelancer earns 20 lakhs annually on average in India. We can assume that some do even more since it is average. Be it affiliate marketing, blogging, dropshipping, or e-commerce, every industry has immense potential to flourish.

Working remotely enables people to earn millions of rupees each year. There are ample opportunities, yet some people may be unaware of them. Online business allows you to earn anywhere from Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 every month easily. These are just the beginning figures. The business can rapidly be scaled up to a six-figure monthly income.

It’s difficult, or rather impossible to state any definite figures as the earning potential differs from industry to industry. But, at least you have got some idea, right? 

But, what if you are an offline business owner who is trying to take his business into the online world? Well, you have opportunities as well. Each has its own perks and benefits. It’s just that online businesses are more likely to grow quickly and intensely.

Can You Get Rich From Online Business?


Online Business Profitable


As said earlier, there are innumerable options that can make you rich, though overnight success is not what we are talking about. In online mode, the growth is definitely faster than that of offline businesses, but it’s never supposed to happen within a very short period. You need to be patient, consistent, and devoted to it. 

Lack of patience and consistency is one of the biggest reasons behind the failures of online start-ups or businesses. If you want to get rich from an online business, you should see to certain things. Some of them are:

Is Online Business Profitable 5 Reasons to Say YES

No matter what your business is, you must meticulously look after the above-said points. With that said, let’s see some of the lucrative online businesses that can earn you good money.


Freelancing has long been a well-liked way to make money online, and there are many possibilities available on the web. There are indeed several websites that provide freelance work to persons with a variety of expertise. Everything you require to do is to make an account, read through the postings, and apply for works that fit you. Some platforms also might ask you to build a personal profile with your competence details so that potential clients can reach you immediately. Such websites that offer freelancing opportunities are Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer, and worknhire. These websites allow you to earn anywhere from $5 to $100.



Online Business Profitable


Enough information is available on the internet to guide you in setting up a website: deciding on the site’s URL, themes, layout, general design, etc. When you’re prepared to provide readers with relevant material, enrol in Google Adsense, which helps you earn money by showing ads on your webpage and being clicked on by readers.

Post regular blogs on your website without compromising the quality of content. The more visitors your website receives, the greater the possibility of higher income. Bloggers can earn money in a variety of ways. Successful bloggers can earn well into the seven figures per year, while others may not make any money at all. It all depends on your strategy and content. Here’s an article on blogging that you might find helpful.

Affiliate Marketing:

After your blog is fully operational, you can use affiliate marketing to earn money by allowing businesses to place ads on it. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement. You profit when your website visitors purchase products or services after engaging with such links. Google AdSense and affiliate links, however, can be run together.

Selling Digital Products:


Online Business Profitable


Digital products are very demanding in today’s world. You can create your digital products such as courses, e-books, masterclasses, webinars, photos, podcasts, templates, etc., and start selling those on your website. Selling courses or webinars can be extremely easy if you already have a strong social media profile. However, you can do it in many ways by applying your creativity.

Amazon FBA:

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service that allows vendors to use Amazon’s supply chain to help them grow. You keep your goods at Amazon’s warehouses, and Amazon packs and delivers the products to the customers, as well as providing customer care and handling returns.

Numbers are hard to argue with, and they reveal that roughly 50% of Amazon sellers earn up to $25,000 monthly sales. One in five people makes more money, with monthly sales ranging from $25,000 to $250,000! If you put in the effort sufficiently, you could reach the top 6% of earners, who make over $250,000 monthly revenue.

What Is The Success Rate of Online Businesses?


Online Business Profitable


Unfortunately, the success rate of online businesses is not very high. Some studies have shown that 20% of small enterprises fail within a year of starting their journey, while some other studies show that 80% of new e-commerce businesses fail. But there is no space for getting demotivated because applying things correctly can make you see success for sure.

It’s preferable to avoid slamming your head on the wall when attempting to compete with the best. Instead, focus on a slice of your sector and do everything you can to control that segment.

However, there’s not one certain way to make your business successful; simply you have to do it in your own way, with your creativity. While it’s uncommon for an online business to become a success immediately, it’s also uncommon for it to take more than a couple of years.


Hence, if you are planning to start a new business, you should look for online opportunities; that can be the best option for you in 2022.  By having an online business, you receive the privilege of reaching out to a large number of customers, focusing on the specific prospects, cost-saving (while compared to offline), faster growth, and so on. On top of that, the earning potential is also amazingly great!

Therefore, there are no reasons at all to say ‘NO’ to an online business.

We hope that this article has helped you to get an insight into how online business works and its profitability.

Please drop your comments in the comment section and share your insights as to how valuable this article was in helping you choose the right online business that you think can help you gain profits.

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