See how online business helped Dr. Premji Nirmal to thrive even during global crisis.

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Hello, my name is Dr Premji Nirmal, and I am an industrialist turned yoga and meditation researcher, the founder of the School of Success and Happiness, the inventor of the PremTao Personal Coaching Model, and the designer of “Be a Better Version of Yourself” – a self-Mastery Program. Every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. IST, I broadcast a weekly video show and podcast called “Freedom Movement.” At the moment, I am providing online Wisdom Coaching to clients from all around the world.


Because of the COVID problem, our offline Yoga Training School company will close in April 2020. I spent the following three months looking for and learning how to take my business online. I found a couple of online classes/mentors, but they were all too technical for me, and that style did not resonate with me. I was quite frustrated since my objective to propagate yoga had come to an end. The income for the next three months was nothing, while the costs remained…

One day I found an ad for Avi Arya’s workshop and after attending the workshop I joined his school. I had a lot of fun learning how to make micro-videos. Members of the community were quite helpful. Experts speaking at every Thursday session were quite beneficial.

I began making videos and uploading them to my LMS. In one year, I created more than 12 LMS courses. Income began with online and taped classes. Selling Micro Videos is a Game Changer! Converted the entire firm from offline to online, resulting in increased revenues over the prior year!

here are some more epic stories from our community:

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