Pouja Mehta, Corporate Strategist & Compliance Professional turned Entrepreneur

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Hello! I am Pouja Mehta. A company secretary by profession and an avid traveler by passion. I am a superwoman, a great wife, and an artistic soul from northern India who has traveled the country and worked for a number of companies.

As the first woman in my business class family to get a college education and then go to a foreign country to work in a corporate environment, I experienced not only great challenges but also great rewards all along the way. I was always ready to handle senior positions in large companies. I wanted to help women who wanted to be successful and healthy not for their men, society, or anyone else but for themselves.

I co-founded Solidus Capital and SC Infraa with Devendraa Choonch, an ex-banker with more than 30 years of experience. In a 5 year span, I successfully restructured and added strategic initiatives which, in turn, enhanced client value.

It was post-pandemic when there were a lot of difficulties with revenue generation, as businesses and office meetings weren’t held properly. My business models needed to be presented in a completely different way for online sales. In the meantime, I discovered a charismatic personality named Mr. Avijit Arya on social media. He claimed in his Micro Video Mastery course that it would drive us to generate 10X sales for our organization.

My life was changed after I joined the course and discovered the dynamic sides of digital marketing. The course gave me a new sense of excitement, and I listened to Avi’s sessions every day and night and made the necessary changes. Avi brings in famous personalities from around the world, who offer invaluable insights that helped us understand how to learn from here and how we can get ahead in life. Avi reveals the secret of how to reach the hearts and minds of prospects by discovering their pain points and proving value to them.

He has created a community of Internet Moguls of the World School (IMOTWS) that is both wonderful and very supportive. He takes time to help whoever needs it and is always there to make a difference in people’s lives. Whenever we meet, it will be like a BULB ON moment for us where we learn and discover something new. We learned new techniques and apps for enhancing online sales through the use of Micro Videos.

here are some more epic stories from our community:

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