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Imagine a constant flow of Customers in your Coaching / Agency Business 💸

Are you tired of attending countless webinars and seminars, obtaining certification, and still not seeing predictable sales in your business?



To Make Coaches and Agency Founder’s
Rich Again 💸.

In Our Program we will discuss the secrets of sending weekly proposals and closing deals in our exclusive coaching program. Our experienced coaches are here to guide you through proven strategies that will elevate your sales game and help you close deals every month.

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Are you a Coach or founder who is struggling to keep his boat afloat?

Then this RFC program is for you! Its not a course but a powerful community backed Program that extends 1 year with 10 highly implementable modules that you can use from day 1 and start generative revenue in your coaching business or agency business.

Hi, I'm Avi Arya.

A Family first entrepreneur & on a mission to make coaches & agency founder rich again.


Life Cycle of
Poor Agency Founder

Life Cycle of
Rich Agency Founder

Life of Coach

But fortunately for you, there is a better way!


2Xers Club

A very straight forward 4 STEP approach towards making your business cash rich again

A very straight forward 4 STEP approach towards making your business cash rich again.

Secrets of sending
Weekly Proposals

Closing deals
like a pro

Highly Experienced

Personalised group
Guidance sessions


Rich Founder's
2 Xers Club today

unlock your full potential as a high-achieving entrepreneur!


But maybe something is stopping you grabbing
this special opportunity with both hands?



You tried it before without much success

I’ve done SEO before, but I didn’t see any results for my hard work.
So I gave up.

You’re skeptical, I hear you. But listen… you shouldn’t give up on being healthy just because a diet or exercise regime didn’t work out. Likewise, you shouldn’t give up on generating revenue in your business.



You’re not sure what you’re doing

I’ve never fully learned Sales, or created a process. And because I’m
too stressed all the time, this takes a backseat.

This is a legit concern. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, or you don’t yet have a system, the idea of generating sales is daunting. Getting overwhelmed and losing motivation are real threats.



You know everything but can’t implement

I know everything that I need to do but when I implement it,
things don’t usually go my way.

This is a legit concern. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, or you don’t yet have a system, the idea of generating sales is daunting. Getting overwhelmed and losing motivation are real threats.

Not anymore..
Meet your mentor for this
journey of next 1 year.

Hi, I'm Avi Arya

I’m Avi Arya, father of 2 beautiful girls, 6 dogs, husband of a Superwoman, a Streetcar racer, turned Hotelier, now a social media marketer and the founder of the Internet Moguls.

Joining Benefits

All the benefits you will receive upon joining.

Weekly Training

40+ Live Sessions from
Subject Matter Experts and Avi Arya.

Digital O2 Support

10+ Expert Masterclass by
Coaches from all over the globe.

QnA with Avi

30+ Group Doubt Demolition
Sessions by Avi Arya.


Access to Whatsapp and Telegram Community.


Access to 50+ Recorded Sessions
from successful international entrepreneurs on LMS.


Email Support &
Accountability Team.


IMOTW Book and Rich
Founder's 2 Xers Success




Learn From the best

Avi Arya

Avi Arya

Avi Arya

Avi Arya

Avi Arya

Avi Arya

Avi Arya



Who is this for ?

The Coaches and Agency Founder.

Like Minded

Who wants a community of like-minded individuals engaged in group learning sessions, where members share insights, challenges, and experiences to collectively rise and grow together.​

Early Stage

Who needs a cost-effective choice, ideal for entrepreneurs in the early stages, allowing them to explore the benefits of a supportive community without a substantial financial commitment.

Diverse Network

Who wants to build connections with a diverse network of entrepreneurs, expanding your opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, and future business growth.


What Our Agency Founders & Coaches Say about us !


Avi Arya is the agency world's go-to person to grow your agency with his way of doing sales you cannot lose.

He teaches sales for agency owners not with books he read but with his 14 years of experience. I value and recommend Avi and his school every time.
Shorav Jain
Agency Founder of echoVME 100 person agency
I went to Avi Arya sir to ask what to do at his office in India, after that I met him 5 times and my agency courses started because of Mr. Arya.
If you are an agency founder he is the OG nobody knows this game like him , join the agency founder and grow your agency sales.
Digital Dhairya
Agency Founder of Creators Legacy
I would say it was one of the best decisions to join IMOTW community. The way Avi personally involves in solving the problems of each member is amazing. Avi makes everyone his FAN. He and the community help each other in a way that I have not seen at any other place.
As a Digital Marketing Strategist, I have learnt so many things, I don't think I could have learnt from anywhere else. I am so grateful to the universe to be part of IMOTW community.
Aditya Mundra
Agency Founder of Sabhi Digital
I join every program of Mr. Arya and his school in fact I'm his first student in every batch, see the agency world is not easy and not for everybody but when you work with Avi’s company you know they don't learn and teach they Experience and teach, it's an agency team teaching you to grow an agency.

Unique people and concepts. I recommend them to you if you are looking at growing sales for your agency.
Ajay Singh
Agency Founder of Chili Factor Communications
I connected with Avi Arya when I took his Webinar Mastery Program and then the association has been long and deep. Avi was our coach and agency to help us run our 1st webinar and create a program that established me and my business partner in the world of online coaching. Since then that program has seen over 200 clients work with us with over 78% experiencing positive results while generating a few crores in revenue.

I always find Avi's coaching conversations full of wisdom and always leading to solutions. Avi helps me hold the best version of myself and every time I stop believing in that me, his conversations and belief gently nudges me back to behave and act as per that version. I have learnt a lot of tips, ways to do stuff and techniques from Avi, but what I have learnt most and what impacts me the most positively is his value system and values-based coaching. He always encourages me to give my best and that is amazing.
Sanjay Wadhwa
Founder Phenom Coaching ( one of India's top coaching companies based in Mumbai )
Four years ago, I crossed paths with a guiding light which ignited the flame of direction and simplicity in my entrepreneurial journey. Avi you've been more than a mentor; you've been a compass steering me towards success. Today, as I stand at the crossroads of my business, I can't help but reflect on the wisdom you've imparted.

Just last week I meet him. And I realised, how a simple conversation can lead to groundbreaking insights. Talking about challenges, dreams, and aspirations can unexpectedly unveil solutions that were hiding in plain sight. Thank you, Avi for being a beacon of inspiration and a guiding force in my entrepreneurial odyssey. Here's to the transformative power of mentorship, conversations, and the unstoppable journey towards business excellence!.
Saakshi Choithani
Founder of Mind Dynamics
I bagged my first 5 lakh rupees client with the help of IMOTWS Program. I would like to thank Mr. Avi Arya for bringing me out of my shell and enlightening me with the power of social media.
Nishu Tripathi
HR Consultant and Mentor
After joining the program if I can reach 6 figure income then anybody can do it. I joined the program when I saw the world is really moving faster. My takeaway was how to use clients' language what they need and use their language. Be an action-taker Not taking decision is a decision in itself (do not delay the decision) Keep your brain fertile (Learn to unlearn,so you can learn new things)
Viddya Ragotra
Relationship Coach

Choose your plan

All plans have full access to all trainings, features and resources.


Pay month-to-month
7k /Monthly + GST


Pay a year in full
Get one Month Free
77k + GST
  • (Ends up being ₹6416+GST/mo)
Special Offer

Get access to
9 Preparatory Videos 💻

Before embarking on their journey, participants will have access to nine preparatory videos.

The preparatory videos will provide participants with valuable insights and foundational knowledge to maximize their learning experience throughout the training program.

One-Year Curriculum

Rich Founders Club Agency Founder and Coaches Training Program.

Module 1

Niche Domination and
Revenue Surge


Video : Mastering Your Niche to Achieve a 50% Revenue Surge

Outcome : Coaches and agency founders will identify and dominate their niche market, leading to a significant increase in revenue.

Module 2

Organic Outreach Mastery :
Generate 100 High-Value Leads


Video : Organic Outreach Blueprint to Generate 100 High-Value Leads

Outcome : Coaches and agency founders will master organic outreach strategies to attract and convert 100 high-value leads.

Module 3

Strategic Partnerships
and Collaborations


Video : Leveraging Strategic Partnerships for Business Growth.

Outcome : Coaches and agency founders will explore the benefits of strategic partnerships and learn how to identify, establish, and leverage them for mutual growth.

Module 4

Closing Big Deals :
Achieve 50 High-Ticket Sales


Video : Strategies to Close 50 High-Ticket Sales and Triple Revenue

Outcome : Coaches and agency founders will implement effective sales techniques to close 50 high-ticket deals and triple their revenue.

Module 5

High-Converting Proposals :
Secure 80% Client Acceptance


Video : Crafting Irresistible Proposals with 80% Client Acceptance Rate

Outcome : Coaches and agency founders will create high-converting proposals with an 80% client acceptance rate, boosting their revenue.

Module 6

Sales Powerhouse :
Build a Scalable Sales Engine


Video : Building a Scalable Sales Engine for 2X Growth

Outcome : Coaches and agency founders will establish a scalable sales system resulting in 2X business growth.

Module 7

Automate for Supercharged Productivity :
Achieve Time Freedom


Video : Automating Systems for Time Freedom and 3X Efficiency

Outcome : Coaches and agency founders will automate key processes for 3X efficiency and achieve time freedom.

Module 8

Team Building
& Leadership Mastery


Video : Building a High-Performing Team and Becoming a Visionary Leader

Outcome : Coaches and agency founders will learn how to build and lead a high-performing team, enabling them to scale their businesses effectively.

Module 9

Financial Mastery
& Profit Maximization


Video : Financial Strategies for Profit Maximization and Wealth Building.

Outcome : Coaches and agency founders will gain a deep understanding of financial management to maximize profits and build long-term wealth.

Module 10

Customer Retention
& Lifetime Value Maximization


Video : Strategies to Maximize Customer Retention and Lifetime Value

Outcome : Coaches and agency founders will discover techniques to retain customers and increase their lifetime value, contributing to long-term business success.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Get your answers.

What is Rich Founder 2 Xers Club?

Rich Founder 2 Xers Club is not just a course; it’s a challenge-based community designed for entrepreneurs who are already established and seeking structured guidance, accountability, and mentorship to scale their businesses. The program emphasizes steady growth, accountability, and a supportive community.

What do you mean by "challenge-based"?

Rich Founder 2 Xers Club challenges entrepreneurs to set and achieve reasonable business plans each quarter. These challenges are designed to push you outside your comfort zone and promote consistent progress toward your goals.

Is this program focused on sales generation?

Absolutely. Rich Founder 2 Xers Club is a sales challenge society that aims to bring in new sales every month. The program provides strategies, mentorship, and a community that collectively works to enhance your business’s sales performance.

What's the investment structure for the program?

We offer a razor-pay installment option, allowing you to split your investment into 12 monthly payments. For instance, an 84000 + GST for the 2 Xer challenge involves a monthly investment of Rs. 7000 + GST.

Are there additional costs beyond the program fee?

Yes, we want to be transparent. You might incur additional expenses, such as Facebook ads, hiring an assistant, or sales closers, to fully execute your business growth plan.

Can beginners or those with no revenue apply for the program?

No, the program is designed for entrepreneurs with a revenue range of 3 to 5 lakh rupees per month. It’s best suited for those who have already established their businesses and are seeking strategies to take them further.

How do I join the Rich Founder 2 Xers Club?

You can apply online and ensure your details are with us. This way, you’ll receive updates and new offers as they arise. We encourage you to consider your readiness and the program’s alignment with your goals before applying.

Can you guarantee specific results?

While we provide guidance, mentorship, and a community, individual results can vary based on your efforts, commitment, and the unique nature of each business. We encourage you to focus on consistent growth rather than immediate outcomes.

How often does the program start?

We run the Rich Founder 2 Xers Club continuously, so there’s no need to wait for a specific start date. Apply online and await further instructions once your application is reviewed.

How can I contact customer support?

If you have any queries or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our customer support team at

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Rich Founder's
2 Xers Club today

unlock your full potential as a high-achieving

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