From a waiter to an international investor: The story of Sarfaraz Bangi

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Hello! My name is Sarfaraz Bangi. A college drop-out and a waiter who became a successful digital entrepreneur and a stock market expert. I help youth to grow in the field of the stock market and trading and develop their skills in investment and entrepreneurship. 

I was penniless when I came to Mumbai. With my persistence and hard work, I landed a job in the U.A.E. at a gas station. After finishing my contract there, I took up various positions like sales and marketing head at a number of companies. In every organization I have worked in, my work has brought quality and efficiency to their services, making the company earn huge profits. I have taken on the challenge of turning a loss-making company into a profitable venture in twenty months. I proved my talent on every trial life threw at me. Also today I am an investor in various firms. My talent was proven by every challenge I faced. Today, I am an investor in different businesses. Coming from a humble background, I earned a great deal of respect and money after becoming so successful.

After several years of working for other companies, I decided to start my own firm. I faced a number of challenges, but my earlier struggles taught me to stay focused and wait for the right time. Soon, Euro Digital Technologies LLC became a popular name in the digital world and proved that I could handle difficult situations.

In my financial constraints, I learned the importance of skills and money, so now that I am in a better position, I helped people who have dire needs. I’m helping them learn and become better versions of themselves.

The reason I joined IMOTWS was my commitment to work, dedication, and passion for helping others. Before joining IMOTWS, I had no experience in online marketing, but it gave me the tools I needed to grow my business online and make an impact on my clients. Thank you very much, Avi Arya sir, for being a torch-bearer in my life. I am extremely grateful to have a mentor like you and have been supported by you all the way to this point.

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