Script For A Sales Pitch: Best Examples Of Sales Pitch Script

Script For A Sales Pitch

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Have you ever wondered why some script for sales pitch works like wonder and some fail miserably? 

Here is your answer.

You don’t have a fixed, reliable, proven script for a sales pitch that could potentially convert your start-up or business into an established setup or even one of the fastest developing ones. If you are someone who is working as a freelancer, or an agency owner, or someone who wants to build your business and take it to another level altogether, then a proven and reliable template for a sales pitch script is essential.

So, before we start to look at what your potential script for sales pitch should look like, let us first know and understand, 

  • What exactly is a script for a sales pitch?
  • Why do you need a script for a sales pitch?
  • How to make the best script for a sales pitch?
  • How to deliver the most effective script for a cold-call sales pitch?
  • List of best-tried and tested sales pitch script examples for you.


What is a script for a sales pitch?

  • In simple words, it is a speech delivered in an attempt to encourage someone to purchase a product or service. 
  • An effective sales pitch grabs the attention of the consumer and piques their interest in the goods. It is also known as an elevator pitch in some situations because you have a limited amount of time to convince a prospect to do business with you. 

So, as we have tried to understand the actual meaning of a sales pitch, let’s dig in deep further to know exactly why do you need a script for a sales pitch.


Why do you need a script for a sales pitch?

  • A strong sales proposal helps in conveying the intended message shortly and productively. 
  • You’re on the right track to earning lucrative sales if your sales pitch is on spot. The initial few minutes of a business conversation set the tone for the rest of the conversation. Make sure to use your sales pitch to convince the prospect of the greatness of the service you’re delivering.
  • A sales pitch is your chance to disprove a prospect’s misunderstandings about a product if you’re selling it. This is the point at which you comfort them of the advantages they will receive if they purchase the product you’re offering.

So far we have discussed What exactly is a sales pitch, Why do you need a sales pitch. Now let us know How to make the best script for a sales pitch.


How to make the best script for a sales pitch:

Before We frame our script for a sales pitch as per our convenience, we first need to 

  • Choosing the right product or service to focus on.
  • Narrowing down your target market.
  • Enhance your benefits.
  • Connect your advantages to the difficulties you’re attempting to tackle.
  • Inquire about the issues that are bothering you. 


script for a sales pitch

How to deliver the most effective cold-call script for the sales pitch:

You may have realized that you’re no longer cold phoning. So, before picking up the phone, you’ve carved down your list and done some homework. My friend, I tell you that the extra effort will be well worth it.

Let’s get down to business with the script.


Make an introduction.

First, introduce yourself and the firm for which you work. You must project an air of assurance and power. 

  • “This is ABC from XYZ,” they say on a lot of cold calls I get it.
  • As far as the prospect goes, “What are you talking about? Who??” From the beginning, the call isn’t going well. You don’t have to roar your greeting, but you should make it clear.
  • Pause after saying, “This is [name] from [business].”

For cold callers, this is difficult. They want to get right to work on their pitch. But for the next eight seconds, take a deep breath and remain silent.

Your prospect is scouring their mind for who you could be while you’re pausing. Are you a client? It sounds like you know them. Is this a former coworker? Is it a recent one?


Establish a friendly relationship.

The call is already going in a different direction than a typical cold call. Then you ask them a question to build a rapport with them. Your goal is to get them talking and demonstrate that you know who they are and what they do.

Here are some examples of possible questions:

  • So, I notice you went to [university], [prospect name]. What did you think of it?
  • Wow, [business] has had you for [X] years. What path did you take to get into that field?
  • Congratulations on your recent advancement. How is a new position treating you?


A nice inquiry is timely and brings a grin to someone’s face. Ask them a follow-up question if they appear interested in talking.

  • You may respond, “That’s excellent; should I recommend it to my niece who wants to be a writer?” if they remark, “I enjoyed going to [university]; the English department was fantastic.”
  • “Alright, why are you calling?” they’ll eventually say.
  • They’ll chuckle because you’re having a good time.
  • “Sometimes I forget,” says the respondent. Laugh once again.

This, believe me, always brightens the mood. (Unless your prospect is in a hurry, which you should be aware of.)


Provide a positioning statement In your essay.

A positioning statement demonstrates to your prospect that you work with similar businesses and are familiar with their problems. You’re not making a self-serving pitch, as most cold callers do.

Here’s an example of a possible positioning statement: 
  • “I work with sales managers in the hospitality industry who have a team of five to eight reps. Most of my clients want to boost sales rep productivity. Does that describe you?”
  • They’ll always say “yes” since you’ve pre-qualified them.
  • You might just say, “Tell me more about that.”.

It’s all about them now! They’ll outline their pain spots and goals, which is useful knowledge to have as you begin to craft your pitch.


Now, let us look at one of the examples of b2b script for the sales pitch which gives you an idea of how exactly a sales pitch script should look like.

The best example of a script for the sales pitch:



“This is ABC from XYZ company, and I’d like to say hello to [prospect’s name]. Have I stumbled upon you in the middle of something?”

“Great. My call’s purpose is to help with the hiring of managers for the following positions:”

[Insert your points of value here]

Disqualify Statement (optional)

“I’m not sure whether you’re a good fit for what we offer, so I just had a couple of questions.”

If you have a few minutes? (pause or ask for consent or availability)


Questionnaires for Pre-Qualification

“Permit me to ask you a quick question:”

[Insert your inquiries here.]


Problems that are commonly encountered

“Okay, that’s OK. As we speak with other hiring managers, we’ve discovered that they frequently say:”

[Insert your annoyances here]

“Are any of those locations causing you concern?”


Information about the company and the product

“Based on what you’ve provided, it could be beneficial for us to talk more in-depth.”

“As previously indicated, I work with Recruiters International, and our services include:”

[Insert a few bullet points about the product, service, or company]



“However, because I called you out of nowhere, I don’t want to take up any more of your time to talk right now.”

“You’ve asked some excellent questions, and I’d like to provide you with a little more information. I’d also like to learn more about you. Are you available for a 15-20 minute meeting to discuss your objectives and difficulties, as well as give some instances of how we’ve assisted other managers in building high-performing teams?”



In any sales situation, having a point of reference while calling customers may be quite helpful, no matter how inexperienced the salesperson is. Sales call scripts over the phone give salespeople peace of mind when they dial phone number after phone number. The most advantageous element is that they can be learned by repetition.


Hope that this article has helped you in framing your script for the sales pitch as per your needs.

Do share your comments in the comment section and let us know your take on this article and how helpful was this in solving your problems.

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