See how Dr. Sameera used IMOTWS techniques to expand her business to 2 clinics in less than a year

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It’s not about being present, but being present in the right format and IMOTWS taught exactly that.

I could never understand my customers the way I understand my customers now. I have been practising for 24 years dealing with patients’ pains, weight gain, back pain, PCOS, and many other conditions like these. I understood their pains, but I failed to understand my customers. 

And I realized this when I joined MVM level-1 and that encouraged me to join MVM Level 2. During this program, I realized that I could not understand my customer avatar better any more than Mr Avi Arya taught us. 

Now I know what my ideal audience does, and how to reach them on various online platforms. Also, I figured out how they would find me if they would search for me online. 

The customer avatar technique taught in IMOTWS helped me to understand where my customers are online, what kind of treatment they are looking for and how I can approach them. 

I am really really thankful to Mr Avi Arya and his entire team of Internet Moguls along with the MVM team and my buddy partner Jayshree and Mr Ajay Singh.

During my time at IMOTW school, I felt like a college-going girl who reinvented herself during her transformation journey. The school helped me to learn about world-class from world-class people that helped me to scale my physiotherapy practice to four clinics in a short span of time.

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