See how the power of community helped Shyantani to build a powerful self-image

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I am Shyantani mother of a young daughter and dog. I am a teacher. teacher. Along with my teaching, I am a relationship coach to help people to over their self-esteem and confidence after separation.

I want to be a coach, but I’m not sure how to get there… It was like a ship with no compass wishing to sail…

Life with IMOTWS is full of adventure.

We often say that learning should be enjoyable, and learning by doing is an effective teaching strategy.

Here, I get all of this, as well as not only instructing but also holding your hand as you accomplish it and achieve achievement.

It’s my extended family, and we all like working for ourselves and for one another.

We’re all pulling up together, clutching each other’s hands.

My perspective on myself changed completely after joining IMOTWS. My approach to running a business and my method of communicating with my clientele changed completely. I have a sense of belonging to a community where you can count on everyone’s support and assistance. I get the feeling that I am not alone because all of my family members are with me, and a mentor, guide, supporter, and real friend (Avi Sir) is always by my side to lead and show me the proper route.

here are some more epic stories from our community:

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