Smitha Pravin, a passionate baker who scaled her business using the digital techniques of IMOTWS

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Do you struggle to create a space for yourself, to destress, or to start a small business that generates some income?

A fashion designer became a Montessori teacher, then became a full-time mom with three amazing sons. Today I am a cake artist. Being a homemaker and a mother to three boys is not easy. I had trouble striking a balance between my inner peace and the needs of my family. I felt guilty for no reason & suffered quietly. This is when I realized that I needed to create a space for myself and protect it.

My love of baking came as a blessing to me. It became my escape, my stress-reliever, and my happy place. I started my business as a baker, who transformed into a cake artist after many years of dedication, passion, & perseverance. 

My passion for serving others led me to do a few things to make myself happy but I still struggled to fit into this digital world. I got frustrated when I had no idea how social media worked to scale my business. I wanted to learn more about digital marketing methods and the different platforms used for them. I wanted to go digital with my bakery business, and I sought the help of trained professionals and courses. However, I found them difficult and unsatisfactory.

With the help of the awesome Internet Moguls of The World community, I was able to learn a wide variety of things I couldn’t figure out before. As a result, I accomplished everything I wanted to do but procrastinated. IMOTWS is a community of action-takers where we receive support from both our mentor Avi Arya and our captains & fellow students. I sincerely thank IMOTWS for providing us with such a welcoming community and am grateful for everything I learned there.

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