What helped Dr. Rajpreet to get unstuck and launch her venture in a systematic way?

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I’m Dr Rajpreet, A Dentist by profession, An Artist at Heart & NLP Practitioner by choice.

I have not only put crowns into the mouths of people and designed their smiles..

But I have also walked the ramp with all the finesse n grace wearing the Crown of Mrs Eternal Beauty Mrs India.

It all doesn’t end here, my endless passion to learn more about the human mind and help people made me do Neurolinguistic Programming and Theta Healing, so apart from designing Smiles at the Dental Level, I also design Smiles at the Mental Level by working on Language Patterns, Actions, Routine and Emotional Patterns.

So here I am A Mindset Coach bringing smiles on a mental level and dental level too.

* Refining your Dil ki Smile.. along with Daanton ki Smile*

I didn’t have a road map. I wasn’t able to maximise my potential. I have nowhere to talk, communicate, or grow. If I needed advice, I had no one to turn to. I lacked a clear systematic picture of how things would seem in real life. But then I discovered Avi Arya and his internet Moguls group, which has continually boosted my morale and provided handholding, allowing us to expand dramatically during the course.

It aided me in refining my cognitive process. To begin my business, I devised my own structured action plan. Being around people with this energy assists me in breaking free from my prior state. I’ve tried to be more helpful. I’ve grown even more self-assured.

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