What Helped Harshit Chaturvedi to escape the rate race and live life on his own terms?

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If you are looking to leave a stressful work job and earn money from your couch, as I did, you have come to the right place. 

In truth, I’m not a marketing person, to begin with. My career decision was engineering, and just like the majority of Indians, I chose a software field to work in. After four years in engineering, I started working in an MNC on banking projects. The days went well. I worked from home most of the time and watched Netflix on weekends. But I always felt like there was something missing in me and from my life.

Although I wanted to do something on my own, I lacked proper skills and guidance. I googled courses to skill-up and found digital marketing interesting. Without hesitation, I took some courses and started marketing. However, I didn’t get any clients and was feeling concerned. During my surfing, I stumbled across a webinar invitation from Avi Arya and registered for it with the hope of gaining more insight into my industry. The webinar did not disappoint me and I learned a lot of valuable information.

The experience made me want to learn more directly from Avi Arya, so I enrolled for the full course at IMOTWS, and then my journey as a digital marketer began. 

My experience during the course was remarkable. I learned additional marketing concepts and techniques, performed the required tasks, and worked together with the community. I built my confidence and developed my vision. With clear goals and a deep understanding of my clients, I successfully launched my own digital marketing agency. I understood the clients’ needs and approached them in a professional way. I recruited some talented marketers to help me scale my business.

The learning and experience I gained from being a part of IMOTWS helped me develop into a better marketer and learner and I am looking forward to reaching millions in revenue next year. 

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