What helped Shirin Sanghal to find her micro-niche?

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Hello, My Name is Shirin. I live in the Queen of hills Mussoorie. Married to a workaholic and over-energetic man. Crazy About Food and Travel. Also a homemaker and now a Social Media Marketer

Prior to joining IMOTWS, I faced a number of professional challenges.

I knew I wanted to work in Social Media Marketing, but I had no idea how to get started. I had no idea how to tap the client. I wasn’t sure who I wanted to reach out to. I was looking for a mentor who could teach me things that I was having trouble with. I lacked consistency in my job. Wasn’t certain.

But then I found IMOTWS and joined it

The best thing about the school is you apply what you learn at the same time, so you practically grow while you learn. Everyone is always willing to assist you. Whether it’s Avi Sir, The Captains, or your fellow crew members. It helped me discover how valuable I am and how beneficial are the services that I provide to the consumer is. When you feel like you can’t do it anymore, there is always someone who will push you. It helped me to gain confidence as a person as I learnt more about my sector and how to move things ahead. Within the community, you can locate new clients. Every day you learn something new, and every day is a fresh start.

With the concept of micro-niche, I got clarity on what exactly i want to do as a social media marketer. With the help of customer avatars, got to know my target audience. Got a go to go person, every time I face any issue, Captain Aghil is very supportive. Learn how to plan your work and Get Consistency in my work. Got my first client from the community itself, which made me more confident.

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