USP: Why Is Unique Selling Proposition Important For Your Business?

Why Is Unique Selling Proposition Important For Your Business

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There are so many online brands out there and customers right now are overwhelmed with options. So how do you differentiate yourself?

Well, knowing the best way to position your business and your products can be the difference between fitting in and making that sale and this is why it’s so important for you to create a unique selling proposition that can help guide your branding and marketing choices. 

So stick to us till the end as we are going to tell you, how to come up with a truly compelling unique selling proposition that’s going to help you stand out against your competitors. 


What is a unique selling proposition? 

A unique selling proposition is a thing that makes your business better than the others. It is basically that specific benefit that makes your business stand out while the others are blending in. One of the keys to getting potential clients to convert to your site is to communicate your USP clearly and promptly in internet marketing.

So how do you find your competitive edge and how do your clients choose you? 


Why is a unique selling proposition important for your business?

Unique Selling Proposition

Well, the first thing that we have to understand is that in the age of the Internet, customers are drowning in a sea of options. So, they just want to quickly understand what makes one product better than another. So as brand owners, we need to respond to that by coming up with our own unique selling propositions and that’s actually USP for short, just for your reference. 

A USP identifies your company’s unique position in the market, focusing on the value you offer and the problem you solve. Your potential clients won’t know which product is right for them if all of your products appear to be the same. 

The ability to choose between the many options available to your customers can be greatly improved and benefited by knowing what your unique selling proposition is. It is an important aspect of successful selling, especially online, where customers have so many options to choose from. Internally, a USP can be useful since it forces you to think about your company’s objective and why it exists in the first place. A successful company frequently determines which of its primary competitive differentiators are obvious.

As a business owner, you should consider what your company stands for, what motivates you to provide the services you offer, and how you want to leave a lasting impression. Your unique selling proposition (USP) is a crucial difference that explains why a buyer should buy from you. It is also a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy for recruiting new clients.

So a USP should quickly answer a potential customer’s most immediate question and that is,


What makes you different from the competition? (USP Statement)

Unique Selling Proposition

So how do we answer this question? Well, your USP or a compelling USP should

  • Display your strengths. 
  • It should be based on what makes your brand or your product valuable to your customers. 
  • It would/should be assertive, defensible, and specific. 

For example:

  1. ‘We make 100% scratch-proof glasses’ that are definitely assertive, specific, defensible. 
  2. ‘We sell high-quality products’ not so much.

So hopefully you can see the difference. Like we said before, it should also be focused on what your customers value. You have to make sure that your proposition is targeted. 

Your USP needs to be more than just a slogan. So in short, you should be able to talk the talk and walk the walk right? It should be that meeting point among what your customers want, what your customers need, and then what your business does well.

Unique Selling Proposition

Alright, here’s a secret! What you sell actually doesn’t have to be unique, but the message that you choose to focus on should be unique. So, in other words, you could be selling the same product as your competitors, but if you have a different angle then your unique selling proposition is what’s doing all that heavy lifting.


What isn’t a unique selling proposition?

  • It’s not a specific offer like 10% off or 24/7 customer service these definitely are convincing and they’re definitely effective but they’re not unique. They’re not positions that are easy to defend because any of your competitors could just copy them 
  • A USP is not just the header copy on your homepage. It’s a position that your business takes as a whole and that can be included in the products and the overall experience that you provide. Basically, any interaction that your customer has with your business is more holistic.

We feel like the best way to understand what makes a powerful USP is by looking at some examples. So, we have actually created a list of the 5 best examples of unique selling propositions.


5 Best unique selling proposition examples:

Unique Selling Proposition

Now, Taylor Stitch is an interesting one! They are a clothing company that uses crowdfunding to develop their new products. Some consumers actually get angry at established brands that use crowdfunding, but that definitely isn’t the case here, just because of the way that they make it a part of their USP. They immediately let customers know that with crowdfunding, they’re saving 20% off, and by pre-ordering, they’re actually making it better for the environment. 

Well, Taylor stitch is just a great example of successfully turning an unconventional business model into a competitive edge. So for you, you should be narrating your story in a way that is positive and valuable. Now whether that applies to your supply chain or other areas of your business, your USP should be supported by positive storytelling!!


Unique Selling Proposition

Many temporary tattoos are really intended for kids and they have a childish design, but Inkbox definitely takes a bit of a different approach. They offer designs for people of all ages. Their unique selling proposition is that customers can express themselves without the commitment and the high cost of permanent tattoos. 

So I love this because this really breaks through that barrier. So as it applies to your business, if you’re selling a product that has certain purposes, then you can use your unique selling proposition to tackle myths and change consumer viewpoints. 

  • KnixUnique Selling Proposition

    Now, let’s take a look at Knix. Knix’s USP is that they are the most comfortable internet brand in the market. And they are actually able to back that USP up by selling innovative products, like period underwear. So these intimates replace pads with leak-proof protection and they make your monthly cycle more comfortable and more convenient.

    They have other products like wireless bras for example and that just further enforces their claims. So for you and your brand, you can think about how your products can innovate to be able to make bold claims like Knix.

  • Muse

Unique Selling Proposition

Muse is a perfect example of why you would still need a USP, even if your products are truly unique. So the product that they make provides information about your brain’s activity as you meditate, and as it stands, they actually have no competition. There is no comparable consumer product out there, but actually, in this case, their biggest competitor would be the current social conditions. 

Naturally, their USP is around using their products to get the most out of meditation. And they definitely build a strong case for this all over their product pages, on their about us page, and just all over their site. So what that means for you is if your business and your product offering are truly unique, it is definitely still important to have your USP.


Unique Selling Proposition

So a lot of coffee brands out there are claiming to have either smoothest or the richest cup of coffee, but Deathwish is doing something different. They chose to brand themselves as the world’s strongest cup of coffee and they’re basically just catering to those people that just need that extra kick. 

Deathwish coffee is a great example of developing a product based on a unique selling proposition that other brands aren’t already doing and they truly make this messaging visible everywhere. They have it on their site, they have it on their packaging, and they even have full refunds for anyone who says that their coffee isn’t bold enough. 

So for you and your brand, you can look at what they’re doing and really just emulate that. You can consider including your USP on multiple platforms, just like Deathwish Coffee is doing.

Now that we’ve looked at some examples of strong USPS from other businesses, you might be wondering how you can go about creating your own USP. Every USP is going to be unique but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a process that you can’t use to put yourself on the right track.

So here’s how you can create yours.


How to create a unique selling proposition:

Make a list of all the potential benefits of your brand and what you sell.

You first need to list out all the benefits of your brand and what it is that you are selling. And also get specific. If you want to make break-out products or memorable marketing messages, you need to be specific. This is because breakout ideas solve the exact right problem and communicate that benefit to their customers in their own words. 

Research the competition.

Try to know who are your competitors and what are their USPs and then look for gaps where you could potentially introduce your brand differently. Keep in mind that products in the same category can be positioned in wildly different ways. So even two identical products can be positioned very differently.

Compare your most unique angles against your audience’s needs.

Maybe your customer’s needs aren’t being met and if not, how can you meet them? Do your customers have any pain points that maybe you can solve? After you’ve settled on your USP you’re gonna want to think about ways that you can apply it across your business. 

From your brand name to your return policy, you can really strengthen your USP and just work it right into your business. And it might also help to express it in a statement so that you can just get it down on paper and understand it fully. 

USP: Defining your competitive edge.

A USP isn’t just a clear-cut copy on your home page. It really is how you position your products or even your entire brand to the world. So don’t forget, your products don’t have to be completely unique in order to have a strong unique selling proposition. So don’t let that overtake your mind. 

Instead, what you can do is look for a spot in the market, that’s more or less untouched by the competition. 


Coming up with your unique selling proposition is definitely an exciting time. A strong unique selling proposition focuses on one thing that makes your company stand out – it might be the lowest pricing, the greatest customer service, or the largest online product range.

Start by brainstorming ideas with your marketing and sales teams to determine your USP. Inquire with your customer care representatives about the aspects of your business that clients enjoy the most. Examine consumer feedback or conduct a customer survey. What matters the most to them? Then, using that information, create a compelling USP that emphasizes your value.

So, what will your business be known for? What will you be remembered for? Or what distinguishes your existing business? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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