4 Main Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Customer Journey Frameworks

4 Main Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Customer Journey Frameworks

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Why You Should Stop Using Customer Journey Frameworks

In the past, the customer journey was an easy direct path from identifying the need to assessment, collecting information, trial, review, and decision-making. However, this has changed!! 

The typical purchase funnel has evolved into a complex thing, making it impossible to distinguish when and where a customer was won or lost, or to realize the impact of interactions along the way.

This creates dozens of new issues for brands.

A guessing game has replaced the fundamental activity which used to be the bread and butter for truly customer-centric marketing. As a result, it’s quite likely that messages are no longer handy or relevant, and loyalty programs have become a hit-or-miss proposition in the absence of a thorough grasp of customers’ purchasing behaviors. 

As a result, businesses are left with dissatisfied customers and marketing budgets that aren’t being effectively utilized.

So before we try to learn and understand more about customer journey frameworks and why you should stop using customer journey frameworks, let us first try to understand what exactly customer journey is and what is the framework?

What Is A Customer Journey?

Why You Should Stop Using Customer Journey Frameworks

A customer journey is an entire customer experience when interacting with a brand. It considers the complete customer experience, from brand discovery to purchasing and beyond. Rather than transactions, the focus is on how the customer feels after engaging with the brand.

Excellent items, a commendable website, and an on-call customer care team may appear to be the ideal combination for attracting new customers. Customers, on the other hand, are more likely to move toward competitors if they sense something is wrong with your communication. 

Building a customer experience map will provide you insight into how your customers feel about your business. The map will guide you throughout every client touchpoint, allowing you to identify weak places in your messaging.

You may focus your business on your consumers by improving the customer experience at each step of the journey. Customers will be encouraged to return as a result of these efforts.

‘What’ And ‘How’ Of Customer Journey Framework Work?

The customer journey framework is more or less a roadmap or a tool for visualizing the consumer’s experience when interacting with your brand. This tool is important because it allows you to consider how your clients experience your brand rather than how you believe they do. 

In other words, It is the whole customer journey with the firm, that includes all major and minor touchpoints. 

A customer journey map is a holistic way to understand the experience flow a customer has with the business, displaying the customer’s experience in different phases and intensities. You can get better at meeting your clients’ expectations if you gain a better grasp of their needs.

Now, as we have learned about the customer journey and the framework, let us dig deep and look at 4 main reasons why you should stop using customer journey frameworks.

  • It Doesn’t Help You To Innovate 

Customer-focused businesses mainly focus on the demands and desires of their clients, which can limit a company’s innovation. Customer-focused companies may find it difficult to come up with new product ideas or improve existing ones, resulting in a lack of innovation. 

Customers may know what they really want, but businesses should use research and development to come up with new concepts that customers may not have considered on their own but still meet their needs. 

In simple words, you need to be in a position to exceed customers’ expectations and requirements, and at the same time should be in a position to come up with a new concept giving space for innovation.

  • The Customer Journey Framework Doesn’t Go Well With The Ever-Changing Customer Needs

When we consider the customer journey and the framework, we constantly keep customers in our mind as the main focus and come up with the products and services based on them, but have you ever thought of constant change in customers’ mindsets?

Customers’ needs keep constantly changing, which implies that your customer-focused business must have enough resources, such as funding, manpower, and time, to keep updated with them. This could be a concern for small businesses because it is costly and can lead to employee burnout. 

This is the biggest drawback when it comes to customer journey framework because coming up with a customer journey framework requires a lot of time and energy poured into it!!

  • It Can Become More Of You Rather Than Them

As discussed previously, the customer journey framework has to be more customer-centric rather than ours, but while educating your customer, it can become self-serving, causing you to indulge in your own needs and desires, such as focusing only on profit, leaving the customer in the shadows. 

To be really customer-centric, every strategy and concept you implement should prioritize the consumer which most of the time doesn’t happen because we focus on our profits more rather than the customer.

Why You Should Stop Using Customer Journey Frameworks

  • It Becomes Difficult To Not Limit Yourself Beyond The Product Funnel

When we map out the customer journey and sort the product funnel, we often tend to just stick to it almost all the time. This is where we go wrong!!

Limiting ourselves to just a product funnel isn’t going to take you anywhere and not going to benefit you financially. So, this is one of the main reasons why you should stop using customer journey frameworks.



Customer journey is commonly used by many firms and businesses thinking that it is going to simplify their work and save their time and money, but why would one stick to this if there are a lot of drawbacks rather than advantages. Isn’t it? 

So if you are one of those business owners who is looking to make the most out of your manpower, money, and time, then we would rather suggest you consider all these points that we have discussed before considering the customer journey framework as your business tool!!

We hope this article has helped you in many ways to bring in a lot of clarity. Do drop your suggestions or comments in the comment box and let us know what you think about this informative piece of content.

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